Admitting you are a junkie is the first step!


I got a fever! And the only prescription.. is more gear
I am a Junkie and I will admit that! My drug of choice is outdoor gear.
Who knew you could get such a high just walking into a sporting goods store. (Breathe in that new gear smell)
You get that glossy eyed look, a weak feeling, almost silly, really. So, maybe you run your hands through your hair and start trying to figure out what you need .When the sales person comes over to ask you if you need any help you quickly reply “no” and walk away. You just need to feel that nylon on the tent on display or run your fingers through the straps on the backpacks and maybe even try one on and walk around the store and see how it feels. Perhaps, I should see what’s on sale or try on some new boots or trail runners but the high is short and you need more. Maybe a hat or a pair of socks or even a book will do for now and you walk casually up to the counter with a small purchase to ease that urge that you feel.

As you walk away from the store you lightly rub the bag a little just enough to feel energized and vibrant and can’t wait to take the item out when you return home to look it over,

maybe go online and look at a few reviews and maybe see what else you might find .


Click, Click, click, and a window opens up and once again you start getting that excited feeling as you page through items wondering if you should get something. I mean, it is on sale and it wouldn’t hurt to have it and now you start reasoning why you need it and how it could work for you and the struggle to say no becomes real. Besides, everyone else has one. With one click you drop it in the cart and its now on the way to your house…
But why stop there you just opened the mail and inside you find some great gear deals on a few wonderful BOGO items .You once more start the process again that marvelous self assured feeling bounces back and you feel good one more time.
And the waiting begins for that box or package to arrive how many times did you click the tracking to see when the package would show up??

The delivery person soon becomes a friend and you know him or her by their first name (Sampson). He even seems to delight in seeing the stuff you receive. His question is the same, “So, what’s in the box?” Of course you tell him!! He’s on your side. You help keep him in a job by buying all this amazing gear and this person is fascinated about your plans to hike the Appalachian Trail. Doing this give you an even bigger high.
But like any junkie with all the stuff and all the dirty little late night ordering benders you do try and go straight and promise you won’t order anything else .”I won’t fall off the wagon this time!”
You start showing people the gear and going over every little detail of each piece ,somehow you will always run into that one person who says, ”have you gotten or used such and such product” and before you know it you once again are looking for that wonderful high that comes only from buying more gear. You promise yourself just one more time this will be the last time, definitely the last time, I pinky swear.
“Hey honey the outdoor store is having a huge Labor Day sale you wanna go?” I guess today won’t be that day and tomorrow isn’t looking too good, either.

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    Love it..

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      Thank so much


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