Adorable Kids Try to Walk to Canada with Me

ECT Day 174&175

IAT Day 5&6 

Day 174: 33 miles

This morning I woke up pretty early and left the motel. I wanted to get breakfast again but knew I’d get a super later start if I did. And I had a big day ahead of me.

Packed up and ready to hit the road after my zero day!

Today I’m walking on a main road all day long for 33 miles. But there are lots of fun stops along the way! So I’m making the most of it. Road walking can be a good time if you have the right attitude. And after climbing mountains for 5 months I’m ready for some chill flat walking.

A horse and pony that ran over to greet me when they heard me walking by.

Right off the bat I cranked out about 10 miles and got to the town of Houston. There was a Walmart there and I couldn’t resist going inside to grab some things. Walmart’s are the best store to resupply at and you don’t come across them that often.

Following the IAT!

After that I went over to a subway to grab some lunch. I got a coke and sat outside to eat. Then I continued along on my road walk. I had to figure out where I was going to spend the night tonight. There is a shelter 23 miles into my day. But I really don’t want to do such a short day. Other than that I didn’t see any camping options along the road.

A beautiful pond in someone’s well manicured lawn.

I wanted to end up near the town of Bridgwater so I decided to call the town hall. The woman on the phone said that there were no camping options in town. Which was a serious bummer. But then a few minutes later I got a phone call. It was the same lady! She said that she forgot there was a new campground in town called the High’D Away. So I gave the campground a call. The nice lady on the phone said that I could arrive any time and tent at the campground. What a relief! Now I can do a 33 mile day today. Which will make my day tomorrow much easier.

A monarch butterfly along the side of the road.

At one point while I was hiking a guy pulled over and offered me a ride. He was really nice but if course I declined. The road is what I’m supposed to be walking! But maybe 10 minutes later he drove back around and gave me a bit bottle of water and a carton of lemonade. That was some amazing trail magic! I wasn’t expecting much trail magic on the IAT. But I’ve already been blown away by the kindness of people out here.

After I walked for another 6.8 miles I came to another small town. There was a gas station with a restaurant inside. I went inside and got a piece of pizza. Then I asked if I could sit in there for a while. The people who worked there were super nice and said I could sit for as long as I’d like. I charged my phone for a while and ate my pizza. It started to drizzle outside but fortunately passed quickly.

A lovely pond along my road walk.

Then after sitting for a while I decided to continue along. I walked for another few miles and went by a sign for a dispensary. It appeared to be medical but I decided to walk over and ask anyway. There were a few employees outside playing disc golf. I said hello and they greeted me like old friends! Apparently the lady had seen me walking the road all day today. I wound up talking to them for a while and telling them about where I was coming from. The dispensary was medical so they couldn’t sell me any weed. But one of the guys gave me a preroll which was super nice. They also gave me a seltzer water to drink along my walk. What a fun surprise!

A gushing river just off the road.

I continued on from there and a mile or so later I got into Monticello. The town had a small general store so I went inside. In there I got an ice cream and then continued walking. What a fun day.

Eating and ice cream and walking the road!

On that next stretch of road a truck pulled over and the person inside hollered over to me. Apparently it was two of the guys who saw me at the subway this morning. They were shocked to see me still walking along the road. I’d gone about 22 miles since they saw me last. The guys were super curious what I was doing. They offered to give me a lift but I had to decline. And at this point I was only a couple miles from the campground where I’d be spending the night.

Made it to bridgewater!

I wound up getting to the High’D Away campground around 6:30pm. It was a 420 friendly campground so the whole area had the lovely aroma of weed. The woman Lisa who ran the place was super nice. There were cabins on the property but I opted to tent. And she let me tent under an awning just in case it rained tonight. She smoked me up and I got damn stoned. Then I set up my camp before taking a lovely shower! I had a chill rest of the night after that.

The sun beginning to set as I arrived in bridgewater.

Day 175: 33 miles

This morning I woke up and had a pretty early start to my day. I got to walking and had a long ways to go for the day. But today I am officially leaving the US and entering into Canada! And I’m so damn excited about that.

Once again it was all road walking today. But sadly there were no places to stop off all day. Unlike yesterday which had tons of fun places to stop off.

Some cool old cars along the road walk.

Just like yesterday though I cranked out a ton of miles before taking my first break. I stretched and snacked and then continued along. And in the early afternoon a truck drove by and pulled over. It was one of the same guys who I saw last night! The dude was so shocked to see me once again. I’d walked like 30 miles since he saw me for the first time yesterday. He really couldn’t believe it. This time he was going the opposite direction, but joked that if he drove by me again later he was gonna give me a lift. I wouldn’t be able to take it but I appreciated the offer.

A beautiful field of sunflowers that I passed as I walked the road.

At one point while I was walking the road maybe 5 miles out from Fort Fairfield I walked by a house with two kids playing outside. They ran across the street to where I was and asked my name. I told them that my name was Peg Leg and they absolutely loved that. Then they asked where I was heading. I told them that I was walking to Canada! One of the boys started excitedly yelling about Canada and how he wanted to go to Canada! I said that it was still a long ways away. But he began to follow after me.

An old church just off the road I was walking to fort Fairfield.

As I walked he hollered at me, “Why are you walking so fast!?” But I was just going the pace I always do. He wound up running back to his house and getting his bike to follow me. But after a little while he gave up and headed home. The whole thing was adorable though.

A silly goat that came over to be my friend as I walked by.

Today was a bit boring because it was just road walking all day with no places to break really. But once I was 26 miles in I got to the town of Fort Fairfield. I stopped off at an ice cream and burger joint to get a milkshake. It was going to be my “walking milkshake” while I continued on through town. I still had the preroll that the dispensary guys gave me yesterday, but I knew that I couldn’t cross the border with it. So I offered it to a group of people hanging out at the ice cream place. That made their day! And it felt good to do so.

Walking with my milkshake!

Once I got my milkshake I kept on walking through town. There was a gas station in Fort Fairfield that I stopped at to get some lunch. I got a couple slices of pizza and then sat outside to eat. There was a plug so I was able to charge my phone a bit. My service was going in and out while I sat there. That’s when I started to realize that I may not have service in Canada. I looked it up and apparently I’m going to have really awful service in Canada, if any at all.

An old building in Fort Fairfield.

So before I continued on to cross the border I decided to call a place across the border to book a room. I thought that once I crossed over I might loose service entirely. Then I kept on walking and had 2 miles to go to get to the border. Those last couple of miles were so exciting. It felt exciting to summit Katahdin but there is something even more exciting about today. I’m leaving the US and entering into a completely different country to continue hiking. I’ve almost officially walked from Alabama to Canada.

Only 1 mile from Canada!

As I approached the border a wave came over me. I felt so emotional. When I summited Katahdin I didn’t cry or even feel the urge to. I didn’t cry when I hiked my first day solo on the IAT either. But here I was, approaching the Canadian border, and I felt so many things. I got to walk right up to the window where the cars drive through. The woman behind the counter took my passport and asked me a bunch of questions. Then I was through! Bye USA! I’m in Canada now.

Crossing through customs at the Canadian border.

I walked across the border and entered into New Brunswick. It was such an unbelievable feeling. I welled up a bit but didn’t cry, though I was really close. Just as I crossed over the border it began to rain. The timing was so funny. But I didn’t mind at all! I put my rain coat on and continued along. The road went by a lot of Amish homes and wood working buildings. It was a really lovely hike into Perth-Andover.

Posing with the sign in New Brunswick.

I got into town around 6:30pm. My first stop was at a gas station to grab some snacks and drinks. Everything inside was so different! There were so many new snacks it was awesome. I’m gonna have so much fun in Canada.

Getting into Perth-Andover at the end of my 33 mile day.

Then I walked over to the motel to check in. The guy who helped me was so unbelievably nice and friendly. He gave me his business card and told me to give him a call when I completed the trail. I dropped my things off at the room and then headed out to grab some things. There was a dispensary down the road so I headed over there. And it was so ridiculously cheap. Probably 50% cheaper than any dispensary I’d ever been to in the states. Then I went to another gas station and got some goodies for dinner. The gas station had some really nice looking microwaveable meals. I got one with butter chicken and rice. Then walked back to the room to lounge.

The spread that I got from the grocery store in Perth-Andover.

I took a shower and made a microwave meal for dinner. After that I laid in bed, ate, and relaxed. It was a really great way to end a 33 mile day today! I can’t believe that I’m in Canada now. I’m so excited for what’s to come.

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  • John Rutkowski : Sep 10th

    Glad to hear from you again, a bunch of us were worried.

    If your phone charges more being in Canada, any of the gas stations will sell you a SIM, or set an account with Mint Mobile, but either will be a different number

    Keep on trucking, and please post daily so we won’t worry.

  • Jim : Sep 10th

    Wow! Great update as always. Safe travels in Canada 🇨🇦

  • Charlotte : Sep 10th

    Wow! Canada 🇨🇦…how much fun to explore a new Country! I loved the boy trying to bicycle while you were hiking! Bet you’ve made a lasting impression on him. Looking forward to your upcoming posts 🙏👍❤️

  • Lish : Sep 11th

    Congratulations!!! Oh Canada- thanks for treating peg leg with kindness and yumminess upon her arrival! Thank you so much for taking us along!

  • Alex : Sep 11th

    Peg Leg

    It was great to hear from you. I am glad to are enjoying your time in Canada. Hope you will be able to keep posting. Be careful out there and I hope Lee doesn’t bring to much bad weather your way. You, Sweet Pea, Boosted, and Roxy went thru enough on the AT.

    Take care and Keep on Trucking


  • Rob : Sep 11th

    I can’t believe peg leg is still going!
    I thought the end of the AT was the end of this blog.
    How long will this go?
    Followed it from the start, I catch up now and then and was certain it was “over” but look at this girl she is going on forward and further wooo hooooo!

  • LyssaNells : Sep 12th

    Although I love your article, and am overjoyed you enjoyed northern Maine (especially Aroostook County), I am mad you can’t even get the town of *HOULTON* right. Maine does not have a town called “Houston”, so I expect it’s a typo typical of those not from Maine. But keep up the blog! I’d love to hear more of your adventures!


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