Taking My First Solo Zero Day in 5 Months

ECT Day 172&173

IAT Day 3&4

Day 172: 24 miles

This morning I woke up nice and early. Once again I slept so great last night! The last two places that I’ve camped at have been perfect and quiet all night long.

Waking up in my tent, happy as hell! Because today I’m gonna nero and tomorrow I’m gonna zero!

Once I was packed up, I headed out. Excited to be heading somewhere to stay the night tonight. My day began on the ATV road once again. It was easy going and I made great time. Then I reached a main road and wound up walking that for the rest of the day. I could have stayed on the ATV path for a few more miles but I would have linked onto the road eventually anyway. It seemed like it would just be easy to stay on one continuous path instead.

A sign along the ATV road.

A wooden Sasquatch placed along the ATV road.

I wound up walking for about 10 miles before I stopped off for my first break of the day. Then I found a dirt road pull off and sat down for a bit to stretch and rest. After sitting for a little while I continued along. I walked for about 7 more miles and then was able to take a side road down to a gas station.

Beautiful fields full of goldenrod.

At the gas station I grabbed some drinks and snacks. I knew that there wouldn’t be a store or anything by the motel I’ll be staying at. So I wanted to get some goodies beforehand. After I got what I needed I continued on to the motel. When I got there, I went into the restaurant to check into my room. The place is a motel connected to a restaurant with nothing else around. Once I got in the room, I dropped my things and got comfortable. I was so damn excited to be neroing in on a 24-mile day and then zeroing tomorrow! I haven’t zeroed now in 26 days. This is gonna be such a treat.

A pretty river by the road walk.

I wound up washing all of my clothes and things in the bathtub before I took a shower. I haven’t done laundry in 10 days and have no clue when I’m going to be able to next. So at least I can kind of clean things in the tub and let them dry over the next day. That’s better than nothing for sure.

Hanging my laundry to dry in the motel room.

After I did my laundry in the tub, I took a shower. Then I walked next door to the restaurant and ordered food to bring back to the room. Everything was homemade! I got lasagna, corn chowder, and a coffee milkshake. I couldn’t have been happier. The food was absolutely incredible. It was some of the best lasagna that I’d ever had before. Everything was perfect. I stuffed my face and then laid in bed and watched TV. What a perfect day.

The incredible spread of food that I ate in bed at the motel.

Day 173: zero miles

This morning I slept in for the first time in so long. Then I headed over to the restaurant to grab breakfast. My waitress was the main lady that I met yesterday. She’s one of the only staff members and does and incredible job running around doing everything.

I wound up ordered an insane spread of food. I got a two egg breakfast with corn beef hash, home fries with potatoes, homemade cinnamon toast, and then cinnamon toast French toast as well. The waitress seemed blown away by the size of my order. But I knew I was gonna put it all away. And I sure did! The only thing I wrapped up to go was the homemade cinnamon toast. I’ll just have to eat that later.

Homemade cinnamon toast and cinnamon French toast.

Home fries with onions, and eggs with corn beef hash.

After eating I walked back to the room and made some phone calls. It was really nice to catch up with people for the first time in a while. Then I sat in bed and wound up journaling for a long time. That was also amazing and felt so great to catch up!

Later on, I went back to the restaurant for a late lunch. I couldn’t resist getting the lasagna again. It was too good the first time! I also got another milkshake too. Then went back to the room to lay in bed and feast.

Laying in bed drinking a milkshake and eating lasagna!

The rest of the day I laid in bed and watched TV. I got a bit more blogging done but pretty much just relaxed. It felt so good to rest all day for the first time in almost a month. What a damn treat.

Ending my zero day by taking a nice bath.

Before going to bed, I took a long bathe. That was the perfect way to end off the day. Then I called it a night.

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Comments 18

  • Jim : Sep 5th

    Hey Peg Leg, I’ve had a great time following your adventures on the AT, and I’m looking forward to updates from Canada.
    As a father of three daughters, I always tried to inspire my daughters to not let society norms hinder their paths in life. You are a true inspiration to all adventures.
    Thanks again for sharing and I’m looking forward to the next update! Jim

  • Joe : Sep 5th

    One of the shallowest things is the trend about girls taking selfies with their tongues hanging out.

    It’s just so played-out and lame.

    You might as well give the peace sign too.

    Give me a break. Near-instant rank down.

    • thetentman : Sep 5th

      Hey you kids, get off my lawn.

      You are so lame I bet you need a wheelchair to get around.


      • Wait : Sep 6th

        The selfie evaluator is an idiot but putting down wheel chair folk seems worse

    • Portia : Sep 6th

      I hope this comment is a joke… Because truly the shallowest thing is judging someone on a silly selfie instead of commenting on their interesting, joyful post.

      I can only imagine how amazing a zero day at a motel would feel after 26 days. Thanks for sharing!

    • Joe : Sep 7th

      Wow,why don’t you get a life.she is having fun living her best life.your just lonely lol

      • Linette : Sep 10th

        Replying to this comment because it’s the most recent…
        Is Peg Leg OK? No recent posts, so I’m a bit worried.
        I don’t do social media so I can’t follow her anywhere else.

  • thetentman : Sep 5th

    Nice post.

  • Alex : Sep 5th


    Enjoyed your blog post. Love following your adventure. Enjoy each and every day because you don’t a repeat.

    Be careful out there and keep on trucking


  • Lita : Sep 5th

    I love your blog. I am now long past mountain hiking age, but hiked in the White Mountains for almost 50 years, including climbing all the NH 4000 footers and Mt Katahdin. You bring back to many memories.

    Enjoy the rest of your journey; enjoy the triumph of completing a momentous undertaking—ant Thank You.

  • Benjamin : Sep 5th

    The very fact you were willing to trek on foot the PCT and the AT is itself inspiring…to have accomplished it without injury is wonderful. May God bless your adventures as you rediscover the 🇺🇸 from sea to shining sea through yonder over mountaintops and horizons…Jesus.

  • Kpw : Sep 5th

    Congratulations on thru hiking the AT. Quite an accomplishment. It seems your more at peace by yourself. Be safe and keep on trucking.

  • Terry : Sep 5th

    Really have enjoyed your journey through your blog. I found this originally on my newsfeed and have being following ever since. Enjoyed the parts about Roxy she must have been a great companion.
    Looking forward to your next adventure.

  • John Rutkowski : Sep 5th

    Keep on keeping on. You are in the heart of mosquito territory.

    What I really want I know what was the budget for this trip? Did you stay on it? A lot of hotels were shared with Sweet Pea and Boosted.

    And Roxy, was she a hiker from the beginning or did she grow into it. She didn’t seem to have any troubles.

    Keep writing.

    What is next in life?

  • Mike furlong : Sep 6th

    Please post some news from roxy, boosted and sweetpea. Hope you hike to Gaspe’

  • Julie Mathis : Sep 6th

    I love the delight you express in this post. I can just feeeeeel it. And that same delight shows in your eyes and expression. Ignore the person who took it upon himself to disapprove (and presumptuously, at that). Rock on, hike on, selfie on. 😋🤩

  • Alex : Sep 9th

    Peg Legg

    Your loyal fans haven’t heard from you in a while. I am just checking in to see if you are ok? If you have decided to take a break from blogging I understand. Hope all is well and you are enjoying your IAT adventure. Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Take care and keep on trucking


  • John Rutkowski : Sep 10th

    What happened to Madison?

    Been a lot longer than a Zero Day, please give us an update so we know you are well.

    If you are done, just say you are done, please don’t leave us hanging. Being I’ve read since Nana and thought, can she make it? “Yes, she can.” And she did.


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