An A.T. Ode to a Daughter & 2 Brothers

My younger sister wrote a poem to get us started on our thru-hike, which starts Sunday, March 13 and I’d love to share it with you!


From left to right, Duke (Chopper), Kelsey (Scout) & Craig (Shrek)

Dedicated to my brothers, Duke and Craig Conrad and my daughter Kelsey Gregory

Appalachian Trail

The trail travels through 14 states from Georgia to Maine

2189.1 miles in all, are you sure you’re sane?

White blazes are what you need to keep in sight

Take care of each other and don’t give us a fright.

You will hike on the Appalachian Trail for months at a time;

Flat, uphill and down, and some of the walk will be quite a climb

It’s certainly not considered a “walk in the park”

This “thru-hike” might be like swimming with a shark

Battling sun, rain, mud and snow, heat and cold and everything in between

You will die for a shower just to be clean

You might be weary with, sore, aching muscles, bruises and blisters

But at least you won’t have to worry about your little sisters

Sleeping is important so don’t you forget

If you don’t get enough you’ll be plagued with regret

Fluids and drink are necessary for your body to function right,

You really don’t want those muscles getting tight

You‘ll be sick of the same foods, Ramen Noodles for one,

The things you crave might make you stunned.

          You’ll love towns and being able to eat burgers and pizzas          Coming out of them you will be feeling like a bunch of divas

Best wishes and prayers will be thought and said throughout your quest

This will keep our minds settled and at rest

Just remember, whether you finish or not, it doesn’t matter to us

          But your next big venture we will have to discuss          When it’s all over, Exuberant and happy, satisfied and proud

You will be greeted with smiles, hugs & a huge crowd

I love you all. Please travel safely and keep your love for each other, Love, Gwen

03/10/2016                                                                                                       (Mom)

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Comments 7

  • Brancois : Mar 13th

    An exciting day has arrived for the band of three.
    Sent off with a wonderful poem from mom and sister
    Chopper will drink his fluids and not slay another tree
    And will be watchful for the dreaded blister

    Determined Scout and Shrek will be
    Helped along by Chopper with the fun of a jester

    By the end of this adventure you all will be free
    Of any questions in life that might still fester

    My very best again to you three
    I will follow you all from Choppers sequester

    Love Brancois

    • Gwen : Mar 13th

      Good one Brancois! I looked at the weather in the area. 70’s during the day, 50’s at night, raining off/on. What a way to start! We heard that your 4th companion (for the week anyway!) had a 45lb. pack including 2 bottles of wine! I’m wondering if he’ll stoll into the first pit stop drunk (trying to lose the weight of the pack!) I wish I was there. I’m sure it’s quite entertaining! And so it begins…

    • Duke Conrad : Mar 20th

      Thanks for the love, my brutha from a different mutha!

  • Lynn : Mar 14th

    Best of luck out there! We will be thinking of you and stay safe.

    • Duke Conraf : Mar 19th

      Sorry to take so long to get back to you Lynn! Today completed week 1 and with service spotty and no charger options, I may not always get right back to you;). Tonight it’s very happy you’re home and warm……I’ve got a wool hat on and have been tucked in a 20 degree sleeping “quilt” since 6:30 😉

  • sara : Mar 16th

    you are an inspiration, you go boy!!!!

    • Duke Conraf : Mar 19th

      Thanks Sara girl! Passed a couple hikers yesterday and one of them knows Barry Trent and went to church with him and his son!! We’ve already seen a BUNCH of strange connections in only our first week!!


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