Day 145 – New Hampshire, It Does A Body Good

I had a fabulous night of sleep. I woke up when I was good and ready which turned out to be at 9:35. Happy with my solo stealth site, I took my time getting on trail.

I had a monster energy with breakfast and was on trail around 10 something. Feeling caffeinated and my pack feeling lighter than yesterday, I was good spirits. I had one more 4k hill to crest (Mt Moriah) and then a long downhill for most of the morning. So far that’s 19 of 48 New Hampshire, 4k peaks.

I listened to more audiobook today. I’m hoping to finish soon so I can start “The Maine Woods” by Thoreau while walking through the Maine woods (fitting right?) I crossed the Androscoggin River to find Toto, Mudbag, and Huck Finn fishing along the bank. I went down to say hi and an afternoon dip sounded really good.

I’m glad I did. They’re an entertaining bunch. Toto and Mudbag both caught multiple small fish (catch and release of course). However one of the fish was traumatized when Toto tried to put the fish between Mudbugs bare butt cheeks. I took my shoes and socks off and lounged in the water with the rest of my clothes on. Toto showed me the trailer on YouTube for perhaps the best movie I’ve never seen. It’s called “Kung Fury” and I recommend everyone go watch it right now (I’ll wait).

I got back on trail around 3. Hot feet and I had discussed maybe doing 18 miles today but with my river detour that was not going to be happening. At a mountain peak I ran into Pony, Spa, Reckon and Gravy (the dog). I had not seen many of them since the NOC. It’s wild to think there’s been over 1500 miles of trail since I saw them last.

I found a nice mountain peak stealth tent site. I made a small fire and ate my dinner. Dinner was a 1/2 a block of Vermont sharp cheddar, salami and beef sticks, chia mio and candy. Checking off all the main thru-hiker food groups: Calories (check), Protein (check), and Fiber (check). I also had some multivitamin gummies. Sleep came quickly.

I hoping to be up early and make it to Speck Pond and the shelter next to it. It would be a 21 mile journey that would take me out of New Hampshire and into the final state, Maine.

Stow away in my pack for Day 146 on the Appalachian Trail.

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Comments 6

  • Sherry Woolacott : Sep 7th

    Derek so proud of your perseverance! Keep it going! Be safe, can’t wait to hear about all of your adventures in person!
    Love you Mom❤️

  • Tom : Sep 7th

    Your posts have been great reading since Georgia. Always awesome pictures and I’ll be both happy and sad when the journey is over. Happy for you, but I’ll sure miss your posts. Looking forward to you getting to Maine.

  • Charlotte : Sep 7th

    It’s so fun reading your posts! I think it’s wonderful how you’ve managed your “expectations” vs “actual” experiences. I imagine overcoming the inability to easily roll with the punches could be the best experience fir a thru hiker’s attitude, especially since it’s 2200 miles and more than 150 days….congratulations! Your pics are amazing as well. I aspire to be like you when I hit the AT in 2025 – just older…

  • Peggy : Sep 8th

    Where did the guy with the fish get the long-sleeved short jumpsuit? I mean, really, it looks cool and practical. Inquiring minds want to know! (Loving your trail blog)

  • CB : Sep 8th

    Man! The pics! I see a movie and a coffee table book. Do they still make those? The tone of the posts continue to be great as well. I agree with the above bittersweet comment.


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