Day 54 – Rain Delays

Not too long after heading to bed it started to rain. Not a ton, but long enough for it to feel significant. Drops from the trees were still heard in the morning. I think this led us all to have a slow roll out of bed this morning.

Once we were up, packing and starting the day commenced. I had a great morning cat hole experience.

**Caution to sensitive readers, the following contains some upper echelon potty humor**

So I’ve gotten pretty good at this new skill. The skill doesn’t have a whole lot of real world applications, but I find it pretty neat nonetheless. The skill involves digging a hole, pulling your pants down, and dropping a deuce directly into said hole. Early on in the development of the skill, often times my shots would not be so accurate. Shots would land outside of the cathole and then you would need your trowel or a stick to move the excrement into its new home (a sort of Malice in the not so porcelain Palace if you will). But now, after nearly two months of practice, I’ve perfected my technique and shots go right in the hole, nothing but net (and then I say out loud: Kobe!)

We started hiking late, roughly 10:00 a.m., which I’m sure we all would place the blame squarely on the rain. It wasn’t a particularly difficult day but we had plans to make it to a market right off trail. This market sells hot food to include burgers. However, the rub is that they close at 4:00 p.m. and are 15 miles away.

We took a quick snack break at Jenkins Shelter four miles in. We met another group of hikers we’ve been leap frogging with. One of their members, Karen, agreed to go ahead and try and order for everyone while they were still open. This day was looking up.

The rest of the day was real cruise-y. I only needed one cold soak because the temperature was real mild. My arrival into the outpost shortly after 5:00 expecting to see a bag with some burgers and people gathered around eating. I only found Rabbit and no food. Spirits were downtrodden. I decided I still wanted something warm so yogi’d hot water from Rabbit for ramen noodles and tuna.

We waited for Sip and he arrived in about 30 minutes. In that time another hiker arrived in on a hitch from town. He had a bag full of apples and a giant box of strawberries. He shared them happily with us for which we were very grateful. His trail name was “Good Will,” and it was true to form.

We thanked him and left Good Will and headed the remaining two miles to camp. We crossed HWY 77, and down a hill, and then back up that same hill to our campsite, Helvey Mill Shelter. Sip and I posted up in the shelter while Rabbit set up his hammock.

Tomorrow we have 24 miles planned with a stop for hot food at a gas station that stays open til 7:00. I like our odds on hot food better this time.

Until then, stay tuned for day 55 on the AT


F Boi! You’re one of a few of the real ones I’ve had the pleasure of meeting in Honduras. Thanks for always having my back and being a source of support. Looking forward to more trips to see you in CO and Venzor’s bachelor party in Colombia. You’re always welcome anytime you’re in SA. Miss you buddy

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  • thetentman : Jun 9th

    Rainy days are fun. Not.

    Love the bridge picture.



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