Day 55 – Virginia Is For Cheesesteaks

We made a pact last night to wake up early, around 7:00, and get started before 8:00. Did that happen? No, not at all. But that’s ok. I did wake up before 8:00. I even made breakfast before 8:00 (although still from the comfort of my sleeping bag). But we dilly’d and we dallied and by the time we got water and packed up it was after 9:00.

We met some interesting characters at the shelter the previous evening and this morning. Karen who we met the day before was hiking with “Bread and Butter”, “Hot Feet”, and last but not least “PFT” (which obviously stands for Penis Fly Trap). They’re a fun bunch and we enjoyed their company before we all set off for the day.

We had planned for roughly 24 miles for the day. I think we were all most looking forward to the stop at 15 miles at Trent’s Grocery. This stop has hot food which is reason enough for a small detour. The day was by most accounts an easy one. We also hit the 600 miles mark for the day. 

There were no big climbs, no big descents. Just a steady-eddy kind of day. Logistically there was no water for the first 10 miles, so we filled up before we left. I had been using the same Smartwater bottle to filter my water since I started. I was hoping to keep it all the way to Maine however it was in rough shape and it sprung a leak. It would need replacing today.

After lunch at Jenny Knob shelter, we crossed a stream and we’re able to refill with water. I got another cold soak in and we were off. Cell service as good today and I was able to watch (listen mostly) a few YouTube videos while I walked.

I also continued listening to Uncle Toms Cabin today. I took away some profound points about not being able to place yourself in another person’s shoes or fully understand their experience (even despite the best of intentions). We live our own lives and each person’s experience is uniquely their own, for better or worse.

We arrived at the grocery store at 5:00 p.m., well within the hours of operation this time. I dropped my bags next to those already outside the establishment. We all got a resupply and I had a Philly cheesesteak (it was mid) and a cheeseburger (‘Twas better although I should have made it a double). After some device charging and photo editing I headed back down the road towards the trail.

Sip had the bright idea that we could camp by the road and return to the store in the morning for breakfast. It appealed to all of as it was now 7:00 and daylight was wearing thin. We set up camp on the bank of a river and I made us another fire. I drank a couple beers and Rabbit and I had a long conversation about the medical establishment that is healthcare. We went to bed around 11:00.

Overall we finished today doing about 16 miles.  Tomorrow could either end in a hostel stay or at a shelter called “Docs Knobb.” I’ll let you ponder my druthers until then.

Stay tuned for day 56 on the Appalachian Trail.

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Comments 2

  • thetentman : Jun 10th

    Grasshopper, true Thrus always have 2 bacon cheeseburgers. And carry one out for later.

    Hike on.

  • D.B.H. : Jun 10th

    Dr. Witteman-

    Somehow I ended up receiving a link to your posts via my daily Google news scrolling ritual. Your writing peaked my interest that morning…….Here we are weeks later and every morning she puts you near the top of the list 😊. I gotta say I thoroughly enjoy reading about your adventure and I get a kick out of your sense of humor.
    Anyways…….just thought I’d give you the heads up that you have a fan in the State where you’ll finish up. Keep the daily updates rolling – they are 👌.
    Good luck the rest of the way and thank you for your service.
    Cheers, Dave


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