Day 57: It’s Nice to Get Up in the Morning, But it’s Nicer to Stay in Bed


I woke up multiple times last night. The first time, it took me a full minute to figure out where I was, and a few moments longer for anything to make sense. Northstar told me it was only 10:30 p.m. I sat up thinking I felt better, but as soon as the covers fell off, I started shivering again. I dug in beneath them and was asleep again in seconds.

I woke again around 1:00 a.m. but didn’t have the energy for anything other than looking at the time on my phone and fumbling around in my first aid kit for some Advil. At 2:30, I woke finally feeling warm enough to be clammy, and shed my sweatshirt, base layer, and hat. And for some reason, just one of my socks.

By sunrise, I woke to find that I’d pushed off the extra blankets. I had a slight headache, my knees throbbed when I moved, and my stomach had that bloated feeling you get before a mass exodus from the deeps. I lay on my back, staring at the ceiling, deciding what kind of hike I’d do today.

Better is Not Necessarily Good

Northstar woke sometime later and asked if I was feeling better. The correct answer to that question was “Yes.” I did feel better. But I did not feel good. Then she asked if I wanted to hike or stay another day, but immediately followed up with, “Never mind, I know you, you’ll want to hike.” And then proceeded to suggest that I was an idiot (respectfully) and I should just rest.

After a long pause, I answered that I wanted to do exactly nothing today. I was wrung out.

I don’t know if I had a virus, some kind of fast-moving flu, mild hypothermia, or just wore myself out, but I knew for certain that I didn’t need a repeat of anything close to yesterday’s 22-mile slog.

Nap My Own Nap

Around noon, I got up just long enough to force down some oatmeal before heading back to bed. By evening, I felt well enough to eat dinner with Northstar, but my heart really wasn’t in it. If you know me at all, you know that lying in bed all day and not eating are not normal for me.

Just before I fell asleep again, I got a text from my Alaska clients saying, “We want you to finish the AT…bucket lists are important…don’t worry about this summer’s field schedule.” Best clients ever. Jim, Lael, Ron, Rocky, Tisha, Danny, Jamie, Wendy, and Kara – I owe you. Stay safe out there.

Here’s hoping for a solid night of sleep and fresh start tomorrow. If I hike, it’ll be a short day.

Daily Stats:

  • Start: Bearwallow Gap (Mile 751.9)
  • End: Bearwallow Gap (Mile 751.9)
  • Weather: Perfect day for hiking.
  • Earworm: None
  • Meditation: Sermon from Bedside Baptist
  • Plant of the Day: Me
  • Best Thing: Sleep
  • Worst Thing: Residual nausea

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Comments 7

  • thetentman : Jun 7th

    I hope it is nothing serious. Rest up and hopefully you will feel better. As for being an ‘idiot’, while I do not agree with your wife, you had better do so. Happy wife, happy life is no joke.


    • Jon : Jun 7th

      Right as usual. Feeling better now.

  • Rockin' Rob : Jun 7th

    Sorry Jon, bummer. We’ve been watching that show Naked and Afraid and I’ve been thinking about you. Perhaps you should consider that for you next adventure. 🤣 I’d actually consider it if I was younger, but the one in the Amazon forest looks brutal.

    • Jon : Jun 7th

      Lol. If I’m naked, I’m afraid they’d lose viewers.

  • Ellen R : Jun 7th

    Sorry to hear you are under the weather. I have been following your adventures and enjoy reading about them. If it makes you feel any better, your opening line brought a smile and many memories for me. My grandfather used to sing that line and I did the same with my kids- they thought I made it up! Hope you are soon up and feeling better. Thanks again for the smiles!

    • Jon : Jun 7th

      Thx, Ellen. My mom bought me a poster with that phrase when I was in college. Nice memories.

  • Crowsfeet : Jun 9th

    I enjoy your posts. Hope you feel better soon. My husband was diagnosed with Lyme Disease last week. Similar symptoms, plus he had the rash, which is not always present. Maybe you should get checked?


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