Pavement Sucks

And it’s hard on the knees.

(I started writing this a while back but never finished for one reason or another.)

It spews out of New York City for miles and miles and miles in all directions. It creeps up and retreats. It cracks, breaks, and gets remade. The all encompassing grey of society echos it’s way outward, and the unstoppable aggression of human ambition marches it’s way through the green.

Here we are, almost a month away from my start date, and I firmly believe that pavement can kiss my ass. It wraps it’s rigid fingers around my knees, laughing as I grimace in pain. Is it because I’m on the edge of middle age? Because the boots I’m wearing are worn down too much? Is it the way I walk? I’ve never been told I have nice patella movement so maybe that’s it. The last thing I need is to be a week into a 2,200 mile journey and have my knees fall apart.

As it turns out, walking long distances on nothing but sidewalks and paved roads with 30 pounds on your back isn’t a good idea.

The weather hasn’t exactly been kind to those of us needing the woods and dirt trails. Old Man Winter is being a total asshole. Plain and simple. 28 inches of snow melt in a week, then three inches of rain follow. The old man knows not to keep it too cold, as to allow for large rivers of a foot of slush and water to flow specifically on every hiking trail within an hour of where I live.  It doesn’t seem to be anywhere else but in my way.

That was then.

I’m still fully convinced that walking 10 miles on pavement with 30 pounds on your back is not doing your knees and other load bearing joints any favors. Luckily for me the weather has gone from cold and snowy to moderate and rainy. Mud I can handle. I’ve been out hiking a few times in the trails of good old NJ and I’m happy to report that my knees don’t look like they’ll be a problem.


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  • Tears : Mar 7th

    “I’ve never been told I have nice patella movement so maybe that’s it.” Niiiiiice.


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