Pinhoti Trail: A Stream Crossing Day

Day: 36

Yesterday’s Goals:

I want to hike about twenty or so miles tomorrow

Activities of The Day:


Once I got to sleep around two this morning, I slept great. I had to switch to my summer bag halfway through the night and use my winter as a blanket again, but life was good. I did end up sleeping in till ten this morning,

Then I talked myself into drying out my rain flap, ground tarp, and tent. That led to everything getting packed up. I started hiking around noon. With a big climb right from the start, I had trouble wanting to hike today. About halfway up the first mountain, I encounter a horse rider. His arrival at the trailhead is the reason I woke up. He went on an hour-long ride out on the trail and was on his way back to the trailer. We discussed where the trail went and a few other things before going our way. His horse looked tired and wet. I knew stream crossings were coming; the way the horse looked, they would be deep crossings.

First Water Cross

I heard the water flowing way before I saw the water. There were several falls or cascades after the crossing that I was walking towards. I could see them, but taking a picture would have been pointless because Mother Nature was in Mother Nature’s way.

I spent most of my day on a dirt road; the trail would be either below, on, or above this dirt road. I opted to stay on the flat, easily travelable road. My knee thanked me. As the day went along, I encountered several more waterfalls.



I came across so many that I just stopped taking photos. The picture below is cascades at a water crossing.

Water Crossing number two

After this crossing was a chimney standing in the middle of nowhere.


Some more cascades for you.


I could not find a groove today at all. My body did great; my new shoes are perfect. I couldn’t get into hiking today. A couple of guys in a jeep came up the road I was walking on. They stopped and talked to me for a few moments. I guess one of them is a bike rider and was up here last weekend riding and wanted to go back to an area he was at. I could understand because that area is a perfect camping area. I looked at FarOut to tell them how far it was away. To my surprise, it was less than two miles. That broke my heart, and I felt that I had walked way further than that. Maybe tomorrow, I can find a grove and get some miles done.

I am camping at another water crossing tonight as I have already crossed five streams. Knowing I would put wet socks on in the morning anyway, I decided to camp here and get them freshly wet in the morning. It looks like I will be crossing another creek about a half mile down the trail anyway. The cascades where I am camping are loud. I hope that I will get a good night’s rest, though.

What’s Ahead:

I have decided that my new quitting time is now 5:30. With the Eastern time zone, the sun stays up longer than in the Central time zone. I have wanted to change this since I got to Georgia, and now it’s official.

The first thing I have to do is wake up on time! A rushing creek must be crossed as soon as I start hiking so I’ll have wet feet all day. My shoes and socks are already soaked, so I will have wet feet either way. Then, it looks like a dirt road, walking for several miles until the trail cuts back into the woods.

Tomorrow evening, the weather is calling for rain all night and the next day. I will have to find a spot to camp that I will be happy with for over 24 hours. I’m sure it’ll be a fun day of hiking!




Get up on time and hike till 5:30


Mileage of the day: 10
Mileage on Trail: 321/350
Days on Trail: 35
Number of Zero’s: 5 (no miles hiked)
Number of Nero’s:4 (less than five miles hiked)
States: Alabama, Georgia
Trails completed:
The good: Slept in and still got ten miles
The Bad: Wet feet
Thank you for following along!

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Comments 4

  • Drew Boswell : Mar 14th

    Just a quick note to say how much I’m enjoying reading this series as I’ll be out on the Pinhoti soon, though going in the opposite direction from yours. Thanks for the helpful details and photos.

    • None Given : Mar 15th

      Drew, this was the first trail that I’ve ever done! I enjoyed it and will be back to do it again in the years to come! I am happy that I was able to provide you with a glimpse of what is ahead of you.

  • Ruth Morley : Mar 14th

    You’re doing it! Even though you didn’t find your groove, you kept on going. That’s called perseverance, and you have shown many times that you have this.

    • None Given : Mar 15th

      Thank you for your support Ruth! I have the mental toughness I need to correct some gear issues to help my body along this trek.


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