We’re Going to Need A Bigger Wallet

You can get a funk when planning a Thru Hike, and I’m not talking about the smell…


Ever since I was little I was taught the value of a dollar and grew into a pretty good work ethic. Something that lingered around every lesson about finances, money and work, was that pieces of paper were going to control my life. It is so easy to throw up your hands and say “Oh well!” or “There isn’t anything I can do” because there isn’t enough time, opportunity or money. Planning a thru hike is one thing, but funding one is a completely different playing field for me. Somethings I have learned so far while planning/ funding my thru hike is…


Working is very important 

I have watched my parents go all up and down the spectrum of work and time requirements, and it taught me to appreciate free time and also appreciate when work needs to get… you get it done! I haven’t had many jobs, but I am only 18 and I am anticipating enjoying my career. I am just like every other teenager and spend my money on things that are short-lived and aren’t really a productive way to throw away my money… primarily coffee, lots, and lots of coffee.

As I have gone into the realization that I only have nine weeks left until my first day of hiking, I need a lot of money. I knew that in the beginning, but as a profession procrastinator, I always like to say… “Nah, I’ll worry about it tomorrow.” Well today is yesterday’s tomorrow, and it is time to bust ass and get to work… literally.


You get what you pay for

A few years ago for Christmas, I got trekking poles… from Eddie Bauer. My mom used them for a trip and *SNAP* they broke. It is true when they say “you get what you pay for” and there is a lot to pay for.


I have a problem

I manage my money and can see everything I pay for, how much it was, when it was, and what it was. The first step is admitting you have a problem, and I am way past that. I drink way too much coffee, and I have cut down since last year. I used to work at a coffee shop and would get free coffee, so of course I would have a cup with every meal. While working on a healthy but non restricting diet, I have had to cut back on coffee which helps me in two ways. I needed to stop drinking so much because it is healthier and I am guessing I won’t have room in my pack for an espresso machine, and I save a lot of money. So I have learned very quickly that setting priorities with your money is a good idea, and it has helped me stick to my budget.


The biggest thing I have learned is this…

It Takes Time

I have been saving, and asking, and scavenging for money for over two years now. I am still in negatives, and when the Badger Sponsorship appeared it was the light at the end of the tunnel… that turned out to be a firefly that was squished, and I was back to square one. It sucked, and I was really contemplating if I was going to be able to finish getting all the supplies I need, and if it was even plausible for me to try in the first place. After a few hours of self-pity and my father slapping some sense into me, it is pretty clear.

  • Damn straight it is plausible
  • Hell yeah I am going to get all my gear in time 
  • It has been the best idea I have had so far 


I will not let the lack of money restrict me from experiencing and going full force on this hike, because something I want to not only know, but live by is the idea that we are not meant to just grow up, get a job and pay the bills.

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  • Cole : Jan 29th

    Hey Molly! I had exactly the same problem, I’m hiking SOBO in July and i need money. So my Aunt suggested I make a GoFundMe, and wow is it working. I have almost 2grand that people have generously donated to my fund! https://www.gofundme.com/75fs3yn8 Thats the link if you want to check it out, I highly recommend this route if you’re in a pinch for cash!! I hope this helped and good luck!


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