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After the initial shock wears off most people think I am crazy.  Why would a seemingly sane 50 year old woman even WANT to do this.  My sister said to me (and I am paraphrasing here), “If you can just take a 6 month vacation why don’t we go on an epic road trip?” “Or ANYTHING but walking all day, being bitten by bugs, not taking showers, and pooping in the woods.”

For one thing a 6 month road trip would cost even more than hiking the AT (Even with all the gear).  For another thing, that isn’t my dream- well it is, but that one can wait until I REALLY retire.

This dream started when I was just a little girl.  Our parents had (still have) a camp in Blanchard Maine.  The AT used to go right through the four corners at the center of town.  The Crossroads was on the corner.  it was a hostel run by the local sheriff Herb and his wife June.  My dad would go to visit and we would play outside on the lawn.  Most of the hikers were young men a little more than 100 miles from reaching Katahdin.  I was to shy to talk to them so I spent my time watching and listening.  I was fascinated by them.  They had nothing but what they carried on their backs and didn’t seem to have a care in the world.  Food, water, and shelter… Everything else was something to celebrate if it came their way.

I didn’t tell many people about my dream.  I didn’t want them to laugh at me or tell me how childish it was.  I put my dream aside.  I got a job, got married and had children. I don’t regret any of it.  I still dreamed of hiking the trail but it was just a vague idea of someday.

I went to college in my 40’s and earned my associates degree at 46.  Along the way I started to dream again.

One of my assignments was to write a mission statement for my life.  I did that and took it one step further.  I set a date for hiking the AT and wrote a detailed plan to prepare and make it happen.  The date was March 9, 2016 my 50th birthday.

Four years have flown by!  In less than two months I will be making this dream a reality.

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  • Dan : Jan 13th

    Here’s to living the dream. Good luck with your new vision for yourself.

  • Jamie Ferrazano : Jan 13th


    I feel as though I am looking into the future of myself reading this post (although I am a man). I have a very similar story and just set a date for March, 2020! Even started a blog of my own to make myself accountable. I completely relate to putting the AT dream aside to live life. I too, regret none of it but the call has been strong as of late. I am 42 now and will be 46 when I take on the AT. I will be bringing my wife, son (who will be 13) and our dog for most of it.

    I look forward to following your journey. You are very inspirational. Have a blast!

    • MorningLori : Jan 13th

      I used to think i was the only one and have been surprised by the number of people that can relate…. have fun planning!

  • Katina : Jan 14th

    I did an epic 50th bday 740-mile canoe trip. The AT in 2016 is for my 55th.

    • MorningLori : Jan 14th

      Hope to see you out there 🙂

  • Ken Batron : Jan 14th

    Good luck. I hail from interior Maine. I’m sectioning. I’ve got 470 done. Starting in ga on the 7th. Maybe we’ll cross paths! My trail name is “shoelace” look for me in the log books..I’ll look for you.

  • Deb : Jan 15th

    How cool! I just LOVE reading about people’s plans & adventures! I want to section hike in the near future…my daughter plans to thru hike when her boys are a little older.

  • Jamie : Jan 15th

    Fantastic! I will be starting the trail, following my dream as well, this July 2016! I’ll be going as a SOBO though. Maybe I’ll pass you on the way fellow blogger! Best of luck and enjoy every step!


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