Where Can I Buy Trail Legs?

In the midst of gathering and purchasing all my gear in preparation for my walk north, I cannot seem to find anywhere that sells trail legs. (I know, I know, I’m funny. Is anyone is even reading this? If so, sorry.)

OK, so the long wait is now down to two months. Thank goodness February is a short one.

Fifty-nine days is going to go awfully quick, and there are a lot of things that I still have to do, one of which is making sure I am ready. What a bold statement; being ready. How is one to do just that?

I guess the way I see it is that there are a million reasons one does not finish their trek. Things happen, that’s life. So I am trying to pick one thing at a time (which is also impossible, it’s as if each time I start doing some sort of reading or research, something else pops in my noggin. Before you know it, I have 12 different browsers open and the goal of finding the cook kit best for me is long gone, and all these other pages (including all of you wonderful 2018 blogger posts) consume me, until the next thing pops up.

As the big day approaches, I have really begun to focus on getting my body ready for the grueling, 2,189 mile march up and down the mountains. This is what I am doing.


Namaste! I have always been so intrigued by yoga, and have wanted to make it a regular workout for myself. Maybe even call myself a yogi? But I have managed to go a few times a month for the last five months, and boy do I feel fancy. Not really, but it has definitely done me some good. A huge part of staying healthy while hiking is not only having strong legs, but being flexible. So yoga is a fantastic way to build strength and flexibility. I am going to need both of those two months from now.


I hate running. It is beyond me why anyone would ever choose a sport or hobby that consists of constant running. I was never the fleetest of foot. Hence, why I played baseball. Dad always told me I had lead in my cleats. It sure may have looked like so, but I didn’t. I’ve always said I was built for power, not speed.

Anyway, post-college athletics, I have been trying to incorporate some kind of cardio (other than running) into each of my workouts. There are many benefits of getting the heart rate going by hitting the elliptical, stationary bike, cycle class (I’ve been doing this as well!) and everyone’s favorite…the stairs. Woof. Thankfully my pal Wallace insists we wrap up every workout with a solid jaunt on the stairs.


I like to get a good leg day in every week. Nothing compares to the old baseball workouts in North Carolina where we would crush the legs on a Friday afternoon, then go take a dip in the ice cold creek water flowing down the mountain. Miss those days, Wrenner Bo! A few exercises I like to do are:

  • squats
  • lunges
  • lateral lunges
  • calf raises
  • step ups
  • squat jumps

Y’all get the gist of it. These are all fantastic workouts you can do with or without weights.


Dad leading the way into the Cloud Peak Wilderness.

I am a firm believer of going for walks. Heck, for a good while that is all I could do, and I struggled. My dad and I try to get out for a walk every weekend during the fall, spring, and summer. Minnesota winters cause a little disruption, but we do still layer up and get out there every once in a while. We will even load up and throw on the packs when we are nearing a trip!


Some people sit at a desk every day at work, which makes all the above great activities to think about. I, on the other hand, working retail,  am not one of those people. I’m on my feet all day, every day. I don’t hate it, and according to my Garmin, I average 8.5 miles a day. Now only if I could have my pack on at work, then I would really be ready.

Who’s Ready?

There are tons of things one can do to get fit. Whether you’re training for a big race, a hike, or just on that new year – new you resolution, do whatever is best for you.

So there ya have it, these are the things I have been focusing on in prep for my long walk. While it’s easy to fall victim, never be discouraged by the immediate results, or lack thereof. They mean very little in the long run.

I went from being a college athlete, to suffering a  broken neck, when following each surgery I was launched back to square one, painfully nonetheless. Once again, I am so beyond blessed for my health and family. But it is tough coming out of neck surgery and struggling to do the little things and not being able to take care of yourself. I constantly think about those post-surgery walks I would take with my parents around the hospital floor. Talk about baby steps.. clutching onto Mom and Dad to get out of bed and down the hall…

And now here I am, 59 days away from attempting something so spectacular that I cannot wrap my head around it long enough to plan out what I am going to bring with me.

At this point, it doesn’t really matter. I am just too dang excited!

Happy training.


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  • Avatar
    WV GANNIE : Jan 26th

    First of good luck! There will be good days and there will be bad days. But best of all you will accomplish something which no one can ever take: the thrill and satisfaction of completing a trek of this magnitude away from you. I look forward to my thru hike in 2023. By that time the trail will probably 2200 miles even. I see where it is 2190.9 for 2018! HYOH !!!!

    • Avatar
      Christopher Keys : Jan 28th

      Thank you! You are definitely correct about the good and the bad days, but this is something no one can take away! So I am so very excited. Oooofta, 2190.9, just keeps on stretching.. Best of luck to you in preparation. thanks for the comment!

  • Avatar
    Josh K. : Jan 26th

    Really enjoying reading this blog and learning all about your intense and necessary preparation. You will absolutely be grateful at having done all this preparation. It can be a pain but it is so worth it and later in life you will be so proud of yourself for having had the tenacity to set a tough goal and follow through. Years ago, when I was your age I wanted to climb the Grand Teton in Wyoming. It required a lot of training and there were many moments when I wished I had not made such a goal. But on January 2, 19xx I, along with some friends. did it. We skiied up the mountain, lived in a snow cave and made the assent. So worth it – as your trek will be. Good luck, Chris. You have a lot is folks rooting for you!

    • Avatar
      Christopher Keys : Jan 28th

      Wow that sounds like an incredible trip! You hit it on the head with “necessary preparation”. Taking the time now will pay off down the road and be one less thing to have to worry about. Plenty more out there so might as well be as prepared as possible. Hoping to get to the Tetons in the next few years! Thanks for commenting and I appreciate your support!

  • Avatar
    Courts : Jan 29th

    Good luck!! Enjoy every minute and go at the pace you’re comfortable at. My cousins did the trek in ‘16. My hubby and I were fortunate enough to do 5 miles with them. It sounds like you’ve conditioned yourself pretty well! I wish you the best! Think light, with your gear. My cousins both work for this company: https://www.hyperlitemountaingear.com/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIo-Os-IX-2AIVDa_ICh1cvw7gEAAYASAAEgI_CfD_BwE

    Tell them Kendra’s Cousin sent you!! Enjoy the adventure!


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