Hiking Though Ski Land

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Day 125: Rt. 9, Barrington, VT to Kelley Stand Road, Wicked Waystation (22.6 miles, marker 1,641.6)

Today was a good day’s hike. It was long, but made a bit easier by the knowledge that there is a nice hostel with a bed ahead of me. I hooked up with Pigpen and Ronin, and have decided to stick with them for a couple days, since they are currently doing miles that work for me and involve sleeping in a bed the next couple nights.

We first climbed over Glastonbury Mountain. The fire tower was closed, so we simply paused at the summit for lunch. It actually got breezy and cool, and I eventually had to cut the lunch break short as I was getting cold in my wet shirt. The rest of the hike was beautiful terrain with pine forests and lots of green.

We eventually reached our endpoint and got picked up and brought to the Wicked Waystation hostel. It was amazing. A beautiful place with comfy beds, laundry, multiple bathrooms, and a great kitchen, dining room, and living room. There was also a grill for our use, so we walked to the local store, got fixings for burgers, a bottle of wine, and lots of other local homemade goodies. After relaxing and a lovely evening, we finally crashed a bit too late.

Day 126: Kelley Stand Road, Wicked Waystation to VA Rt 111/30, Manchester (17.5 miles, marker 1,659.1)

Today started with some delicious scrambled eggs and pancakes thanks to Pigpen. We then got driven back to the trailhead where we immediately began climbing Stratton Mountain. The arduous hike was rewarded by a fire tower that gave us amazing 360° views.

The rest of the hike was typical of Vermont, amazing forests with amazing pine forests and the angels are lovely, but very little sunlight making it’s easy through the green tunnel. This is why Vermont has been nicknamed Vermud. The sun never gets through to dry out the ground and the dirt maintains a minimum level of muddiness all summer. We got to Manchester, and Ronin and I got bunks at the Green Mountain House Hostel while Pigpen hiked on to a hit at the top of the next mountain. The hostel gave us a great review of the upcoming White Mountains, and shared some important phone numbers of trail angels for the area.

Day 127: VA Rt 111/30, Manchester to Little Rock Pond (19.8 miles, marker 1,678.9)

A long hike today of twenty miles. First up and over Bromley Mountain and then over Styles Mountain.

It rained for an hour of so toward the end of the day which cooled off the hike considerably.

I eventually reached Little Rock Pond where I was able to wash off my legs in the refreshing water and then enjoy a great pasta in cream sauce dinner, before climbing into my tents to spend the night listening to the sound of thunderstorms.

Day 128: Little Rock Pond to Governor Clement Shelter (19.7 miles, marker 1,698.6)

Today was a day of much trail magic. After a couple hours of hiking we came across trail magic that included hot dogs, soda, snacks, and other goodies.

After a too long break there, we continued on, considering if we were going to take a road walk a bit off trail for a deli stop later. As we approached the road crossing, I mentioned how it would be amazing if there was trail magic at the crossing including cold beer. As it turns out, there was, and while it was ice cream and soda, it also included rides to the deli for fresh sandwiches and beer.

After a great afternoon break, we moved on. Just before we reached our shelter for the evening, we came to an amazing sign…Katahdin 500 miles.

After taking a long minute to let that sink in, we continued to the shelter and all celebrated with dinner and drinks we had packed out from the deli.

Day 129: Governor Clement Shelter to US Rt. 4, Rutland, VT (19.7 miles, marker 1,709.2)

Today was a short but exciting day. It started with a climb up Killington Mountain, which I’ve only ever ascended via ski lift. During the climb we also crossed the 1,700 mile marker.

Then the rest of the hike was downhill into the town of Rutland. I got lunch and decided to stay at the hostel hosted by The Yellow Deli, a business run by The Twelve Tribes. To be charitable, this is a religious group that lives in an intentional community. To be a bit more judgmental, and likely honest, they are a cult. But on the surface, very nice people who make delicious food. They did invite us all to the farm to visit and take a day off, but I declined the hospitality.

Day 130: Zero in Rutland, VT

Today was supposed to have rain all day, so I decided I was in bed of a day off. Hung out most of the day with a couple hikers I met the day before, Kanuck and Professor Loteck. Came up with a hiking plan for the next few days that ended in a hotel with the beds. They were both interested, so a short-term alliance was formed.

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  • thetentman : Jul 28th

    Nice post.

    And you got away from a cult. YAY!!!!


  • Dr. Sabrina M Chase : Jul 28th

    Dear, I loved all the great pictures of you in this post. It’s wonderful to see what you look like as the trek continues, and it’s very fun to see you in the middle of doing your thing: standing in a stream laughing while the mud gets washed off. It’s good to see pictures of Ronin and Pigpen, and those two dolmen-type rocks are amazing. The mushrooms are exceptionally beautiful! I’m also interested in hearing more about your time at the Yellow Deli in the future. Sending you hugs and so glad this last section was a good one!


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