This Week’s Top Instagram Posts from the #AppalachianTrail

Appalachian Trail northbounders are out in force and they’ve been blessing our Instagram feeds with the good stuff, so welcome back to our weekly roundup of the most spectacularly beautiful, hilariously entertaining, and all-around best photos taken on the Appalachian Trail this past week.

This week’s photos were taken from April 27th to May 4th and were found by perusing the hashtag #TrektheAT. A thorough point-based grading system is used to pluck out the very best for your viewing pleasure. As always, dog photos are favored.


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#trektheat #smokymountains #appalachiantrail #thruhike #tennessee

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Find a more perfect spot to camp. #at2019 #trektheat #atclassof2019 ##appalachiantrail2019 #atthruhike #nobo2019 #thruhike #womenwhohike

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Day 47 | I totally nearly died today. I was blitzing through a downhill section at 4+mph when my eyes locked on to this vile serpent and at that very same instant I also heard that infamous rattle sound. I slammed my hiking poles into the ground but my momentum almost vaulted me over into the strike zone. For a brief moment I was suspended above the ground, held back my supremely impressive upper body strength and some weird bicycle kick maneuver. But I survived. On any other day, at that time of day I would have normally been wearing headphones… and I would have died. . . . . . #Appalachiantrail #Appalachiantrail2019 #AT19 #AT2019 #ATclassof2019 #Whiteblaze #Georgiatomaine #Optoutside #Thruhike #Thruhiker #ATthruhike #trektheAT #backpacking #hiking #hikinglife #hikingculture #hikingadventures #adventure #trail #traillife #outdoors #getoutside #outdooradventures #thegreatoutdoors #wanderlust #travel #naturelover #leavenotrace #choosemountains #withguthook

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Day 31 | 6.4 Mi | Mile 289.7 Rich Mountain Fire Tower to NC 208 / Hemlock Hollow Inn 8:15 AM Was up until 12:30 watching NBC’s The Blacklist, still have one episode to go before I’m all caught up, apparently this one is a doozy. I’ll watch it when I get service again. Anyways, we’re all up here eating breakfast in the fire tower, singular pop tart for me. Now I actually have ZERO food. 8.2 miles away from the resupply hostel. I’ll make it. The view this morning is awesome, low hanging clouds misting the valleys below are all around, looks like the mountains are an oddly shaped milk bowl. It’s calling for 84° today… I’ll be drinking water on trail today haha. 11:04 AM Definitely stayed up too late last night watching TV… getting started now. A bird watcher came up into the tower and we talked about the trail and he showed me his favorite birds. A stray dog showed up (way out here), looks like a wolf mix tbh. I feel bad for poor pup, I don’t have any food even for me. I’ll see if Ittl follow me to the hostel and we’ll see if we can get it taken care of there. 12:29 PM I tried to get her to follow me with some trail mix but she turned up her nose. I figured I couldn’t force her so I just left and started walking. 20 minutes later as I was finishing up filling my water, she came up to me and has been with me ever since. I called my mom to tell her I found another animal friend (I adopted a stray cat during my cross country bike trip). She said “oh no” and when I FaceTimed her she went “uuuhhhhhhh…. are you sure that’s not a wolf” to which I responded “no, I’m not sure”. I sent a picture to my sister and she showed it to her vet friend who declared that it was a German Shepherd. That means he probably belongs to somebody, I can’t feel a chip and there’s no collar. Hopefully she’ll follow me to the hostel where we can dial animal control. We’ll find her home. And if she has none I think I might just get a trail friend. 4:42 PM I hung out at that shelter until about 2:15… it was just so hot and there was solid shade. Irresistible. I went down to the water source and gave myself a hippie shower. The cold mountain water gave me a shock, that’s for sure…

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DAY 53: 24 miles Today I was real grumpy. I don’t know why exactly. I’m usually pretty positive but I had a hard time staying upbeat all day. There were a lot of beautiful things I saw today but my mood kept taking a down turn. Logan and I bickered, it was hot and humid and we were both chaffing more than usual, the rocky sections hurt my feet and made me slow, we miss our trail friends since we skipped ahead, and I keep thinking about how much better that last GOT episode could have been. 😅 My 1 year old niece is in the hospital right now and thinking of her has been upsetting to me as well. Some days just aren’t your day! But good day or bad – we are still on the trail. It’s supposed to rain tomorrow. Please send happy/dry thoughts. I’m happy to be in our tent now. I’m sure sleep will help!!

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