Meet the Class of 2016: 164 Glorious Pacific Crest Trail Thru-Hiker Completion Photos

We’ve paid homage to the Appalachian Trail Class of 2016, it’s time to do the same for our thru-hiking friends to the west.

Throughout the last few months, we’ve shared your completion photos from Manning Park and Campo (for our SOBOs)- below is the roundup of all these photos, plus a handful of new photos.

I THRU-HIKED THE PCT THIS YEAR AND I’M NOT ON HERE, DAGNABBIT!” you exclaim.  No sweat, simply email us your photos here – be sure to include your Trail Name and completion date.

We happily present you…

The Pacific Crest Trail Thru-Hikers: Class of 2016

Trail Name: Jiggy
Completion Date: 10/4



Trail Name: Clifhanger, Prancer and Ripper
Completion Date: 9/24


Trail Name: Eastwood
Completion Date: 11/11


Trail Name: Sweet Virginia
Completion Date: 8/19


Trail Name: Sweet Cheeks
Completion Date: 8/27


Trail Name: Canary
Completion Date: 10/10


Trail Name: Lift-off
Completion Date: 10/12


Trail Name: Shower
Completion Date: 8/31


Trail Name: Trips
Completion Date: 9/21


Trail Name:Golden Boy, Rambler, Trigger, Moonshine, Snacks, Burrito
Completion Date: 9/29


Trail Name: Mama Lion and (9-year-old!) Boone
Completion Date: 10/3


Trail Name:Kingbird and Hummingbird
Completion Date: 9/17


Trail Name:Hippie Gypsy and Just Bob
Completion Date: 9/12


Trail Name: André
Completion Date: 8/25

SpiceRack 11/27

Trail Name: SpiceRack
Completion Date: 11/27


Trail Name: Blazer
Completion Date: 9/11


Trail Name: Flyfish and Man in Black
Completion Date: 8/25

Michael Continental Drifter Jurasius

Trail Name:Michael Continental Drifter Jurasius
Completion Date: 10/9

S'Rocket, Blue, Sprinkles and Home Grown

Trail Name:S’Rocket, Blue, Sprinkles and Home Grown
Completion Date: 10/4

Moses 10/23

Trail Name: Moses
Completion Date: 10/23

Speedy, Domestix, Sunshine, Sherlock, Kodachrome, Aviator and St.Nick 10/22

Trail Name: Speedy, Domestix, Sunshine, Sherlock, Kodachrome, Aviator and St.Nick
Completion Date: 10/22


Trail Name: Aviator
Completion Date: 10/22

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Jun 10/11

Trail Name: Jun
Completion Date: 10/11

Stoic 9/6

Trail Name: Stoic
Completion Date: 9/6

Steve from Alaska 9/5

Trail Name: Steve from Alaska
Completion Date: 9/5 (Completed the trail as a section hiker, beginning in 1988!)

Powers 10/16

Trail Name: Powers
Completion Date: 10/16

Hans, Nutella, Soo, Man, and Woodstock

Trail Name: Hans, Nutella, Soo, Man, and Woodstock
Completion Date: 10/20


Trail Name: (Back) VDub, Hurdy Gurdy, Half Moon, & Sonic Boom (Front) Lost & Found, U-Turn, EVac, & Mash
Completion Date: 10/7

Hiccup and Flapjack

Trail Name:Hiccup and Flapjack
Completion Date: 9/20


Trail Name: Heaps
Completion Date: 9/1


Trail Name: Bright Eyes
Completion Date: 11/3


Trail Name: Full Rabbit
Completion Date: 9/18

Chapstik, Raiden, and Big Bear 9/18 PCT hiker

Trail Name: Chapstik, Raiden, and Big Bear
Completion Date: 9/18

Poppy, Sour Rip, No Skip, Scrapbook, Swag, Tumbleweed, 13, Red Riding Hood, Bae, Cheese, Frank, Young Blood, Shaggy, Short Shorts, Wildflower, Jules

Trail Name: Poppy, Sour Rip, No Skip, Scrapbook, Swag, Tumbleweed, 13, Red Riding Hood, Bae, Cheese, Frank, Young Blood, Shaggy, Short Shorts, Wildflower, Jules
Completion Date: 9/14

Bam, King Arthur, Ice, Snoozebutton, Freebird, Rainbow and SIG

Trail Name: Bam, King Arthur, Ice, Snoozebutton, Freebird, Rainbow and SIG
Completion Date: 10/18

Hokey Jebediah Pokey, Apparition and Hummingbird 9/2

Trail Name: Hokey Jebediah Pokey, Apparition and Hummingbird
Completion Date: 9/2

The Machine pct hiker

Trail Name: The Machine
Completion Date: 10/10

Evac 10/7 pct hiker

Trail Name: Evac
Completion Date: 10/7

Lt. Dan 10/17 pct hiker

Trail Name: Lt. Dan
Completion Date: 10/17

JetFighter & Rusty

Trail Name: JetFighter & Rusty
Completion Date: 9/25


Trail Name: Trigger
Completion Date: 9/29


Trail Name: Barbie
Completion Date: 10/13

Night Rider 10/13 pct hiker

Trail Name: Night Rider
Completion Date: 9/24


Trail Name: Really Sorry
Completion Date: 9/27


Trail Name: Double Down
Completion Date: 9/18


Trail Names: Bamboo, Shaman, Lobbyist, Blondie, The Human Torch, MK (Morning Kid), Mash, Double Down, Knee Deep, and Data
Completion Date: 9/18

Cougar and Brandon Walsh 9/5 pct hiker

Trail Name: Cougar and Brandon Walsh
Completion Date: 9/5

Fuck-it 9/27 pct hiker

Trail Name: Fuck-it
Completion Date: 9/27

Bare Bones 9/20 pct hiker

Trail Name: Bare Bones
Completion Date: 9/20

Dirty Gil 10/3 pct hiker

Trail Name: Dirty Gil
Completion Date: 10/3

The General 9/15 pct hiker

Trail Name: The General
Completion Date: 9/15


Trail Name: Rafiki 603
Completion Date: 9/10

City Time 9/9 pct hiker

Trail Name: City Time
Completion Date: 9/9

Hobbit 10/7 pct hiker

Trail Name: The Hobbit
Completion Date: 10/7

flipflop pct hiker

Trail Name: Flipflop
Completion Date: 8/13


Trail Name: NightCap
Completion Date: 9/15


Trail Name: HeatWave
Completion Date: 7/22


Trail Name: Sausage Fingers
Completion Date: 9/22


Trail Name: Silent Bob
Completion Date: 9/23


Trail Name: Fireman
Completion Date: 9/1


Trail Name:Whitney Shoeston
Completion Date: 9/20

brew 7/13 pct hiker

Trail Name: Brew
Completion Date: 7/13

permasmile 9/13 pct hiker

Trail Name: Permasmile
Completion Date: 9/13

Tip-Toe 9/16 pct hiker

Trail Name: Tip-Toe
Completion Date: 9/16

Dreamcatcher 9/13 pct hiker

Trail Name: Dreamcatcher
Completion Date: 9/13

Maverick! 9/25 pct hiker

Trail Name: Maverick!
Completion Date: 9/25

Rant 9/21 pct hiker

Trail Name: Rant
Completion Date: 9/21

Mr. Elusive 9/13 pct hiker

Trail Name: Mr. Elusive
Completion Date: 9/13

Rambler 9/26 pct hiker

Trail Name: Rambler
Completion Date: 9/26

flowers 9/25 pct hiker

Trail Name: Flowers
Completion Date: 9/25

macgyver 8/19 pct hiker

Trail Name: MacGyver
Completion Date: 9/25


Trail Name: Siri
Completion Date: 8/28


Trail Name: P-Dog
Completion Date: 8/10

dingo-97 pct hiker

Trail Name: Dingo
Completion Date: 9/7


Trail Name: FlowerMan
Completion Date: 9/16

cotton-ball-94-pct hiker

Trail Name: Cotton Ball
Completion Date: 9/4

Cheez-It Aug 9

Trail Name: Cheez-it
Completion Date: 8/29


Trail Name: Hoops
Completion Date: 8/27

Oat's pct hiker 8/17

Trail Name: Oat’s
Completion Date: 8/17


Trail Name: Young Blood
Completion Date: 9/14


Trail Name: Clawhammer and B-Line
Completion Date: 9/12

Egsy 9/19 pct hiker

Trail Name: Egsy
Completion Date: 9/19

Legend PCT Finish 7/23 2016

Trail Name: Legend
Completion Date: 7/23

left foot 9/19 pct hiker

Trail Name: Left Foot
Completion Date: 9/19

Swissmiss & Swissdude 9/9 pct hiker

Trail Name: Swissmiss & Swissdude
Completion Date: 9/9

Hammer 9/10 PCT 2016 Hiker

Trail Name: Hammer
Completion Date: 9/10

Ireland 9/23 pct hiker

Trail Name: Ireland (from Germany)
Completion Date: 9/23

Megan PCT thru-hiker

Trail Name: Megan
Completion Date: 9/13

Cheeseburger PCT Thru-Hiker 9/1

Trail Name: Cheeseburger
Completion Date: 9/1


Trail Name: J.I.F
Completion Date: 8/31


Trail Name: Zinger
Completion Date: 9/1


Trail Name: Trout
Completion Date: 8/25


Trail Name: Long Haul
Completion Date: 9/10


Trail Name: Tori
Completion Date: 8/29


Trail Name: Earthcake
Completion Date: 9/7


Trail Name: Soares
Completion Date: 8/23


Trail Name: Shepherd
Completion Date: 9/10


Trail Name: Joe Dirt
Completion Date: 9/4


Trail Name: Lefty
Completion Date: 9/13


Trail Name: Goldfish
Completion Date: 9/11


Trail Name: The Prodigy
Completion Date: 8/28


Trail Name: Sprout
Completion Date: 8/29


Trail Name: Dudeman
Completion Date: 9/10


Trail Name: Zucchini
Completion Date: 8/28

pacific crest trail thru-hikers 2016

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  • Fireman : Dec 16th

    Anyone know if any of the following people finished?
    Wonder Woman
    Worldly (Sobo)
    Horse Whistler

    • Eastwood : Mar 1st

      Worldly finished 12.6


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