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4 Shirts

First attempt at a thru hike of the PCT. I am leaving behind the burnout of a medical career and the trappings of a material world. I hope to find connection and a new passion on the trail. Follow at @riversoul82 on Instagram too!

A Couple Old Hikers

We are Max & Maureen. A couple recently retired old hikers who have been walking the AT since 2008. We have done a lot of sections over the past 14 years so 2022's attempt to finish up could be considered a hip-hop rather than flip-flop hike


Hey! I'm Allie (she/her), also known as Mumble. I'm a Michigander in search of some real hills on the PCT. In my daily life, I’m organizing youth climate activists to go after greedy bankers. Solving the climate crisis seems impossible, but so does hiking 2,650 miles. If I can do one, the other will feel just a bit more in reach. In fall 2022, fossil fuel CEO’s better look out because I'll be back with a vengeance. But for now, it's one foot in front of the other.

Allison and Connor

Hi, Connor and Allie here. We are hiking the Pacific Crest Trail this year (2022) going Northbound! Connor was known as "Squidkid" for the beginning of his AT thru but now goes by "Brand New". He is an Eagle Scout and first got into backpacking through the Boy Scouts. Connor loves eating lunch by water sources, listening to audiobooks and going uphill. Allie is a first time thru hiker who found her love for backpacking once she met Connor in 2019. We are engaged and are getting married in the blue ridge mountains (where we fell in love) in 2023. We live in Arlington Virginia but may be moving after the trail.

Althea Collier

Hi! I am a seventeen year old (who goes by Migrator on trail) from New York City who decided in April 2021 that she wanted to thru-hike the Appalachian Trail. So many tears, trials, and miles later, I am starting SOBO on June 27th. I am an avid reader of philosophy, a poet, a passionate debater, and a furiously determined soul. Also, I love mangoes. I'm afraid not even the trail can stop me from eating them.

Alyssa Kroeker

I'm originally from the sunny Okanagan, but I have been calling Vancouver home for the last 6 years. I'm a huge lover of all things outdoors; hiking, backpacking, camping, etc. If it's outside I'm there. I am the currently working as a personal trainer with my business (AMK Strength and Conditioning) and coaching with local wrestling clubs in Vancouver as a female wrestling coach. I like to spend my down time dancing with friends, watching Netflix, reading a good book, cuddling my dog Storm and trying to beat whoever I can at Mario Party. I'll be heading NOBO on the Pacific Crest Trail March 26th

Amanda Genovese

AT NOBO 2022, NOGO 2021. Born and raised in a small town in Connecticut, where both of my parents were also raised. After graduating from college, I set out to explore and live in as many places as possible. Hoping to use my degree in Environmental Science to save the world!

Amanda Lauritsen

My name is Amanda (trail name Bubble Toes). I met my husband when we thru hiked the AT in 2005, and we have continued to backpack ever since. I am an alcohol free vegetarian (except for crabs - its a Maryland thing) who is hiking the CT this summer. When not hiking, I attempt to teach middle school kids math.

Anelia Slavoff

My name is Anelia, trail name Sunshine, and I thruhiked the Appalachian Trail NOBO in 2022! Prior to thruhiking, I worked as a park ranger out west, and in the winters as a barista back in my hometown. Stay tuned for more adventures that I have in the works!

Anna Crafton

Starting the AT meant starting my first backpacking trip EVER, and I made it! Since coming home, I've started thinking about future thru-hikes, so who knows what's next for me?? Want more content? Follow me on Instagram: annamargarita55 TikTok: annamargaritaonthego YouTube: Anna Crafton

Anna Hamrick

Heyo! I'm Anna, trail name Blossom. I am from Charlotte, NC, and a recent graduate of Appalachian State University. Some of the things I enjoy are hiking(duh), sustainability, craft beer, craft coffee, rock climbing, etc. I am thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail in 2022 while vlogging for The Trek! My Instagram is @annainthewilderness

Anna Sand (a.k.a "Littlefoot")

I always thought thru-hiking was something that other people did, until it struck me one day that the notion that thru-hiking is "beyond me" is completely made up in my noggin. So I'm embarking on the Long Trail this summer - to get myself out of an inactive rut in life, to reconnect with my home state of Vermont, and to see what questions the trail might answer. Here's to going into the unknown! P.S. I might post some videos about my adventure over on my YouTube channel:

Annie Protzmann

My name is Annie and I am a NOBO AT thru-hiker starting on February 27th. I am 25 years old and grew up in New Hampshire and recently moved out of NYC back to NH to begin my thru hiking journey! I've been planning on a career change into the non-profit world since 2020 and I just left my job in the corporate world and am using this hike to do something adventurous and unconventional before jumping to a job right away! Please consider donating to my Hike for a Charity with Global Grassroots:

Apple Pie

My name is Arlette aka "Apple Pie". I am a long distance hiker, sock doll maker, and hiking guide. I am currently attempting to hike all the National Scenic Trails with only the Natchez Trace and Ice Age Trails left. I love bright colors, goofy outfits and don't take myself too seriously.

Ash South

Howdy! I'm Ashley, and along with my dog, Bonsai, we are attempting to thru hike the AT this year. We started May 10, and our only timeline is to reach Katahdin before it closes mid-October (we'll probably be cutting it close). I'll be using this blog to share pictures of our journey and keep family and friends updated on our progress.


Hey y'all, I'm Ashley, Ash, or Asterisk. I'm heading north on the AT. I've day hiked around the USA, but I'm relatively new to backpacking, so I figured that if I'm going to do it, I might as well go all in. Right? You can follow me on TikTok @HikeWithAsh

Ashley Vines

Hi! My name is Ashley. I'm 32 years old, paramedic, beer-tender, yoga instructor AND I'll be officially setting out on my great NOBO AT adventure on March 27th! I was born and raised in western NC but have lived in Wilmington, NC the past 14 years and am ready to trade the coast for six months in the woods.

Bec on the AT

Aussie gal taking the SOBO route on the Appalachian Trail from July 2022! Lawyer/runner/cyclist/triathlete/animal friend/lover of the outdoors dedicating myself to this full-time hiking business :)

Beth Feret

Hi! My trail name is Tree Hugger, and I’m thru-hiking the AT after a 32 year wait. I first learned about the AT during Spring Break of my Sophomore year in college. My college sweetheart and I spent a week in the Smokies, and we ran across some hitchhiking thru-hikers. That’s when I learned about the trail and determined to someday complete it. Well, life intervened, and my path veered away from the trail for some time. I married and raised three amazing kids, but never stopped dreaming about completing the AT. I started backpacking again once the kids were grown, and got into the best shape of my life with the help of a personal trainer and a lot of hard work. Then, in November of 2018, I took a bad fall while night hiking up to a remote spot in the Hoosier National Forest. I suffered multiple physical injuries, including a pretty nasty TBI that required almost three full years to recover from. But with the great support of my friends and family, a team of medical professionals (particularly one extraordinary functional neurologist), I regained enough cognitive ability and balance to backpack again. I entreated my superintendent (I’m a high school teacher) to grant me a Leave of Absence to hike the AT while I’m still able (who knows what the future holds?), and my request was granted. I spend all year teaching my students to “seize the day,” to reach for their biggest goals, and to live out their dreams. It was time to practice what I preach, and so here I am on the AT. It really is a dream come true for me. It’s been difficult and challenging and uncomfortable, and really, what more could anyone ask for?

Big Mike

What’s up, my name is Mike McMahon (Footlong) and on March 27th I will begin my attempt to thru-hike the Appalachian Trail northbound. I’ve bought the gear, read the books, and done my best to get into the right headspace for such an undertaking. I sold my car and now walk everywhere in Chicago, including plenty of 20 and 25+ mile days, but have only done a couple overnight camping trips to test gear. Hiking is not my primary hobby and camping is new to me. I’m thinking more folks can relate to this than might admit. I put my preparedness somewhere right in the middle. But my confidence is fully intact and now that I’m starting this blog, if I fail, I’m gonna do it publicly. I’m 36-years-old. I’m from Roseville, Minnesota but my wife and I moved to Lakeview East, Chicago in June 2020. Alicia and I have been married eight years and she’s awesome, as is probably suggested by the fact that I’m able to just leave for six or seven months. I had an incredible job in Minnesota as a partner of a burgeoning restaurant group. But it became clear to me that it wasn’t bringing me enough intrinsic happiness and that a change was necessary. Despite it making very little sense to anyone, we knew it was the right decision, so I bailed. Alicia had gotten a sweet job with United Airlines that required a move to Chicago and we said “why not?” We bought a condo where we live with our two dogs and tortoise; Edwin, Newton, and Daisy respectively. Life’s good. Been waiting tables but I put in my 10-month notice last May and I am excited to turn my focus to the mountains. Gonna be nuts

Briana DeSanctis

My name is Briana DeSanctis and on November 6, 1983 I was shot out into this world with a full head of hair and a sense of adventure that still runs wild alongside me today. I grew up in Maine and spent most of my childhood playing outdoors. My parents took me camping, hiking, fishing, hunting and exploring, and that quickly became the foundation of my life. After college I spent some time adventuring in Colorado and California, and years later upon returning to Maine I began hiking even more frequently. After completing over 100 miles of the Appalachian trail in Maine on my days off from work, I decided that it was necessary for me to tackle this trail in its entirety, as a thru-hike. I returned to my job the next day with a large smile and gave my “few months” notice, and before I knew it, it was March 5th, 2015 and I was dropped off at Amicalola Falls in north Georgia to begin hiking back to Maine. I finished the 2198.2 mile Appalachian trail on September 17th and from there my thirst for adventure only grew. I was a changed human and I knew that from then on that I would spend the rest of my life thriving in a different way than many others. I traveled around the country; from Vermont to Virginia, Tennessee, Arkansas, Texas, up through New Mexico back to Colorado and all the states in between. I hitchhiked out to Ellsworth, Maine and backpacked part of the Downeast Sunrise trail in an aggressive blizzard and continued my frigid trek to the Bold Coast trail in Cutler overlooking the rocky coastline and Canadian shores. I trekked through remote, pristine territory in Olympic National Park, I canoed 60 miles of the Green River in Utah, I backpacked through the Wasatch range in knee-deep snow, hiked the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, jumped head first into my fear of heights on Angel’s Landing at Zion National Park, and spent many sub-zero winter overnights in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. In January 2022 I begin my attempt to be the first woman to solo thru-hike the official Southern route of the American Discovery Trail, spanning 5,057 miles from Cape Henlopen, DE to Point Reyes National Seashore in San Francisco, CA. The American Discovery Trail is the nation's first coast-to-coast non-motorized trail. I look forward to speaking and giving presentations in schools and communities throughout my hike to inspire, educate and empower others.


I'm looking forward to an amazing adventure on the Appalachian trail. I am so excited to share my experience with family and friends and/or anyone else who's interested. I feel like I'm ready for the tough days. I'm mostly excited about the beautiful views that I'll get to see. I am 36 years old. Lived most of my adult life in Maine so I'll be happy to get to go back and see the beautiful trees and mountains there. I have three lovely kiddos. One passed away at 6 months in 2017 and it caused me to go into a very deep depression with an addiction to alcohol. Now I'm 6 months sober and ready to start living again. I'm going to do all the things that I can possibly do while on this Earth. I feel like it's my responsibility to have all the adventures that I can for Link. His ashes will be coming with me on the trail. I'll find a spot that is beautiful and quiet. I will spend a little time thinking about him, thinking about life, thinking about the things that I've done and the things that I can still do. Then I'll spread his ashes and let go of all the pain and hurt and let in love, grace and serenity. So I guess I can say that I'm hunting for peace. Perhaps that's the reason why I am hiking this trail.. perhaps it's something else.. maybe it just sounds like a good thing to do.


What is up! My name is Callia and I'm thru hiking the AT NOBO '22. Follow my journey as I ~blog~ about my adventures and the cast of characters I'll meet; capture a visual pokedex of Appalachian views, critters, and shrooms; and probably learn some things.


Hi. I’m Carla, a 54 year old empty-nester who loves to saunter in the woods. I love gnomes, mushrooms, pizza, mushroom pizza, and my family...not in that order! I plan to walk from Georgia to Maine in 2022, even though I have a few odds stacked against me, i.e., fear of heights and bears, an amazing ability to trip on things both seen and unseen, and the fact that I have never been separated from my family for any length of time. So follow along as I prepare for and eventually start this journey of a lifetime...proving to myself that I can be the things and do the things that I've always thought I couldn't. You can find my hiking journey through pics on Instagram here: @whiteblazejunkie

Carly Coughlin

Hey guys, what's good? My name is Carly and I’m wicked excited to be sharing my AT adventure with you! I was originally supposed to hike the AT in March of 2021. However, after one glorious season as a snowmaker and a fabulously broken leg, I unfortunately had to postpone until 2022. Patience has never been a virtue of mine but here we are a year later, gearing up to start my NOBO thru-hike of the AT! I grew up in Boston and spent the better part of the last five years in upstate New York exploring the Adirondacks with my university's outing club. It was here I developed a deep love of all things outdoors, including backpacking, skiing, and climbing. A few fun facts about me: My favorite summit snack is a cucumber, I’m a type one diabetic, and I am a firm proponent of carrying peanut butter in a Ziploc bag while backpacking. Happy trails!

Chandler Sam

If you're looking for sloppy and nonsensical writing compounded with a splatter of run on sentences: welcome. I enjoy walking and talking about what I just walked. AT Class of 2022

Charles Lampman

What's up, man?... All good here, bruv. The name's Charles, Chuck, Chaz, Charlie or any derivation of. A big lover boy with a wild streak living in the body of cool presenting nerd. Looking for peace and adventure in the back country. Stuttered in the beginning but I'm getting back on the trail at Springer Mountain to hike North. One day returning to the love of my life- The Ocean (pronounced O-SHauN)!!


Hey y’all! I’m Chris. I have always enjoyed the simple life but not always able to live that simple life. I am that person that has three pair of shoes – work, dress, and whatever else shoes. I grew up in South Carolina in a family that worked and saved for everything. My parents sent me to summer camps in the North Carolina mountains and that is where I first experienced the Appalachian Trail. I hiked parts of the AT around the NOC to go rafting and enjoyed that simple life. Of course, I was young and had no worries then. Here I am, now 50, with family, bills, work, and aches and pains. And I want to WHAT??? Yes, I am going to hike the AT, live simple, and enjoy every day, hiker, mountain, and town I encounter.

Clare Nowalk

Hi! My name’s Clare ( trail name, Aqua) and I’m thru hiking the PCT. I currently call Colorado home but am originally from the cornfields of rural Indiana and went to college in upstate NY where I studied Sociology, English, and Education. When not thru hiking, I enjoy working in the non profit sector (most recently doing anti hunger work), cooking, trail running, reading lots of poetry, and spending obnoxious amounts of time in coffee shops!

Connor Chapdelaine

Whaddup peeps! I'm Connor Chapdelaine but all my favorite people call me Jackrabbit. I'm a biologist by trade but a backpacker by choice. I thru-hiked the AT as a total scrub in 2021 and fell in love as I trekked the east coast. I'll be thru-hiking the PCT this year and getting to know the other side of the country while crushing miles and peanut butter. Keep up with me here and on Instagram @ChapOnTheTrail as I head NOBO on the PCT this year and I'll try to capture what makes a really long walk so damn fun.

Dandelion aka Trishadee Newlin

aka Dandelion. Hi! Most people meet me about 100 yards before they see me, so let's just get this greeting going, shall we? Im a musician, teacher, performer, storyteller, lover of karaoke, herbalist, aspiring polyglot and tree huggin' dirt worshipper. Over the past 25 years I've chased a military musician all over the globe, visited 25 different countries and had all kinds of fun adventures. Now it's time to explore the ol' US of A for a bit. Originally from Long Island, NY, now setting up shop not far from the AT in Massachusetts, Ive never lived anywhere more than 4 years since I was 12. So yeah, there's a bit of wanderlust in my blood. I decided at 30 to run a mile for the first time in my life, and I've been finding ways to push the goalposts a little further back ever since. My 2022 AT hike was just the challenge I needed! Bitten by the hiker trash bug, I'll be taking on the New England Trail in 2023. Follow me on Instagram for decent photos but better tales!

David Somers

My name is David. On the trail I'm called Doolittle. I'm a hiker, blogger, runner, brewer, gardener, gamer, rancher, deacon, father, husband...and mediocre at all of them! I live my wife and several hundred animals on a 10-acre ranch in Florida where we try to keep each other happy. If you are interested the first half of my PCT thru-hike (curtailed by fire), check out my blog at

Drew Flickinger

Hi fellow hikers! My name is Drew and I'll be hiking the AT SOBO in 2022. Up until this point I've been an electrical engineer by weekday and a hiker by weekend. Although this will be my first attempt at a thru-hike, I am in no way new to East Coast hiking. I've hiked in the Whites, Daks, Smokies, and a ton in PA (my home state... yes I know everyone hates the rocks here). In short, I'm an enthusiast of type 2 fun, craft beers, and sarcasm!

Emilee Hackney

Emilee is an Appalachian Trail thru-hiker and writer from the mountains of southwest Virginia. You can see daily photos from her hike on Instagram: @emileehackney

Emily Hayes

Hello, I'm Emily, I love being outside in the mountains, hiking and wild camping. I also love sharing my experiences to help inspire others to do the same! I'll be thru-hiking the PCT this year, it's been a 9 year dream that has finally become reality. When i'm not thinking about hiking i'm thinking about Dim Sum which has been the focus of my career, I'm taking a break from Dim Sum while I thru-hike.


My name is Dillon, trail name "Enigma". My favorite trail snack is gorp. Favorite trail magic is either fresh fruit or craft beer, depends on the day. Ice cream is also on the list. This year I am thruhiking The Pyrenees High Route (HRP) and The Via Dinarica Trail (VDT)

Eric and Hayley

Eric and Hayley grew up less than 20 minutes apart in small towns on the North Shore of Massachusetts. It took 27 years for them to meet each other and have been together for the past 8 years. We’re hiking the Appalachian Trail Southbound in 2022. Eric hiked the AT northbound in 2011 and was known as “Mountain Dew”. Hayley has always enjoyed the outdoors and got into backpacking soon after meeting Eric. We are excited to start this adventure on June 27th.


Hi! I'm Fox, but hikers call me Finnisher. Born and bred in Finland, but travelled the world ever since. Thru-hiked the AT in 2017 and hiking the PCT in 2022. Dancer, forensic radiographer and writer. Queen Elizabeth II is my spirit animal.

Gael Dida

From France but I have lived overseas for 10 years. Back home at the moment. Got the hiking bug while living in New Zealand, then decided to hike the Te Araroa in 2014/15. I pretty much haven't stopped thruhiking since, trying to sqeeze one or two every year. A week after finnishing the TA, I started the Pilgrimage of the 88 temples in Shikoku (Japan),then over the years hiked the Bibbulmun Track (Western Australia), the Israel National Trail, the PCT, the Irish coast to coast, the GR 34 in Brittany (France), the GR 11 across the Spanish Pyrenees and the French Discovery trail (a route of my own). I also did a lot of "regular distance" hiking in France, New Zealand, Australia, Iceland, Lanzarote. Took a few hiking road trips in Japan, where I hitch from one trailhead to another over the country. That was a lot of fun.

Galen Baker

Hello. My name is Galen and I live near Madison. WI. On April 4, 2022, I will be thru-hiking the AT. I'm a 68 years old retired Doctor of Chiropractic. My hobbies include bicycling, hiking and camping. I've done several day hikes of the AT, Mt Rainer, Mt Hood and several areas in the Rockies.

Goat Roper

I am a 78-year-old recently widowed after 57 years of marriage. We have 3 children, 7 Grandkids, and 4 Great Grandkids. I have wanted to hike the AT since experiencing the mountains while in the Navy in Charleston, SC. I have been canoeing the BWCA nearly yearly since the early '60s. I am looking forward to spending some alone time on the trail, at the same time I am looking forward to meeting new friends and experiencing all the trail has to offer.

Isaac Nesbitt

AT Nobo 2019. Failed attempt at calendar year triple crown (CYTC) - AT, PCT, and CDT -in 2022 (1,900 on AT, entire PCT, and <300 on CDT completed). Trail name is Blouse and I try to not take hiking too seriously. I promise to be honest, attempt to be funny, bring up fishing more than once, and hopefully pet some dogs along the way.

Isabella Zenaidah

Originally from the Shenandoah Mountains in Virginia, I thru-hiked the PCT southbound in 2019 after graduating from college. I’ve been intoxicated with long trails and the individuals that traverse them ever since. I am currently blogging a retrospective series about my 2020 Colorado Trail thru-hike turned dirtbag fairytale. In an effort to give back to this community and to sustain my thru-hiking fixation, I’ve built trails and worked as a wildland firefighter. You can read more by me at

Isaias Aguilar

Howdy! Isaias here. Avid hiker around Central Texas and the Southwest. Thru-Hiked the Appalachian Trail in 2021 (March 15 - September 8) with my Dad. Attempting a solo thru-hike of the PCT in 2022 - one step at a time.

Jack Tracy

Jack Tracy (25) is a thru-hiker blogging for TheTrek. They have completed well in excess of 11k miles along the AT, PCT, CDT, HDT, MST, FT, and most recently, the PNT. Their few joys in life are derived from science/fantasy fiction and walking really far for no discernable reason. They believe that everyone has adventure in their hearts, and want to share their own journeys in hope of inspiring others to live the lives they want to live; no putting off dreams for tomorrow.

Jackie Bocanegra

Hi my name is Jackie! I am a recent college graduate preparing to hike the PCT! I am super excited to be doing my first thru-hike and I'm excited to meet everyone out on trail! I enjoy writing, hammocking, concerts, hanging out with my dogs and of course hiking!

Jackie Nicole

Jackie Nicole is a SoCal native, Millennial, multi-hyphenate, married, dog-mom who first backpacked the JMT solo in 2017 when everyone told her not to. Since she has racked up many more miles and is hoping to add 2,650 to that total starting March 2nd, 2022 on the PCT.


My tinder profile reads: Feminist; parent to a neurotic poodle; weirdly attracted to Jed Bartlett - isn't everyone? I've been living in Brisbane, Australia for the last five years, but I'm from Melbourne. Which is very important to people from Melbourne. Before I quit my job to hike the PCT I was working as an ER nurse, sewing my own clothes and consuming books like they're peanut butter m&m's at the end of a 25 mile day. I read Wild when I was 25 and I've wanted to hike the PCT ever since. I started doing that on April 5th 2022.

Jake Arens

My name is Jake Arens, but you can call me Sidetrack. I’ll be making my second Appalachian Trail Thru Hike attempt in 2022. I’m a golf course greenskeeper, freelance writer, avid traveler and outdoor enthusiast living in Florida. I'm always working on cool writing projects and having crazy adventures. You'll find my hiking related stuff on The Trek. You can check out my other work at or find me on Facebook, Instagram and LinkdIn.

Jake Markland

Hello there! I'm Jake – a writer, reader and aspiring Appalachian Trail thru-hiker. I graduated from Appalachian State a semester early in December of 2021 so that I could finally pursue a lifelong dream of eating packaged tuna for six months and showering on an irregular basis. When not hiking, I'm either spending time with my girlfriend Katie in Charleston or staring at a book. Instagram: @jakewmarkland


Hey y'all! I'm Jana (she/her), a SOBO Appalachian Trail thru-hiker from New Brunswick, Canada. I grew up 4 hours from Millinocket, Maine and just graduated university. I'm a regular weekend warrior backpacker with a passion for a big scoop of PB in my morning oatmeal. I like organizing my Spotify playlists by genre and waking up before sunrise. Follow my adventure @jana__giles on Instagram!

Jared Bryce

Hey all, the name's Jared, and I'm attempting to thru-hike the Long Trail this fall! I've lived in VT my whole life in the NW part of the state, and pretty much any overnight hikes I have ever done have been on the LT, might as well finish it! I enjoy music (specifically, heavy metal, prog metal, black metal, death get the idea! I do listen to all different genres though), reading, writing, history, and being outside! I am a recovering alcoholic, and after years spent ignoring way too much, I am excited to get back outside and start doing the things I love again! Feel free to say hello, drop a comment, whatever, I'm not picky! Stay blessed, always rock on, peace!


I’m Jasper (aka ‘Haze’). Non-binary (they/them). Chaos gremlin. New Englander. Lover of all things Shakespeare. Wants to pet your dog. NOBO AT ‘22.

Jenn Wall

My name is Jenn. Or Zebra. I like to walk. And eat. Thus... thru-hiking. I hiked the PCT NOBO in 2017 and SOBO in 2018. In 2020 I hiked the Tahoe Rim Trail, the Colorado Trail, and the Arizona Trail. In 2021 I hiked the AT SOBO and in 2022 I hiked the CDT SOBO.


Hello! My name is Jenna, and I'm hiking the Long Trail in Vermont with my significant other. I know, despite the name it isn't a very long trail, but it's a start. I tore my ACL clean in half as well as re-tearing some meniscus in spring of 2019 (apparently longboarding is an extreme sport). After learning the recovery time for surgery was nine months and they didn't bother to fix ACL injuries in anyone short of professional athletes in the 90s, I thought why am I any better? Can't further injure something that isn't there anymore! I'll fix it when I'm older! I had planned to finish the NH 48 that year in 2019 and hike the AT the following year, and all of those plans came to a screeching halt. After three years of regaining strength, stamina, and healing enough to feel stable, as well as some serious mental hurdles from such a drastic lifestyle change (there are hobbies you can sit down for? No thanks), it's time to finally get out there and start knocking off these thru hikes. I want to bring the sort of inspiration and hope that I desperately needed three years ago to people with a similar injury who also find that their goals seem so far away now. I'm also hoping to shine some light on the part of the Long Trail that doesn't coincide with the AT, so many people I've talked to don't even realize it's its own trail. We're starting at the Canadian boarder and going south, with three weeks off work. Hopefully we can make this happen!

Jessica Raechelle

Hello! I am Jess. I am a nature-loving backpacker from British Columbia who loves capturing moments through photos and words. If given a choice, I'd choose a week hiking in the mountains over an all-inclusive resort every time. After spending 1,500 miles on the PCT and writing a book about my experience (not yet published), I realized that writing about my adventures is a beautiful way to share my stories and relive the experiences and emotions of the trail. This will be my first trip to the east coast, and I am excited to share this first-time experience with all of you! Follow my two-week journey as I hike the 336km East Coast Trail in Newfoundland.

Joanna Palmer

HI I'm Joanna. I'm a middle-age mother, artist and 2022 PCT section hiker. I plan to hike Mexico to the half way point while making daily botanical paintings on my hike.

Johanna Willi

My name is Johanna, but on trail everyone calls me Tinkle. I'm a native swiss girl who loves hiking and skittles! I thru-hiked the Pacific Crest Trail in 2018. Since then I hiked over 6'600 km / 4'100 mi all over the world. In 2021 I crossed the Pyrenees from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean Sea. When I'm not hiking I love to cook delicious vegan food. Another passion of mine is photography, which is perfect when hiking in stunning landscapes. Let's hike the world together :)

Joseph Gonzalez

My name is Joe (he/him) - but you might know be as Mr. Overhill. I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, and in 2016, I thru hiked the PCT. Since then I have hiked numerous long trails, including the AT, AZT, Tahoe Rim Trail, Wonderland, and more. In my passion to live adventurously, and get others to live adventurously as well, I've dedicated myself to a career in Adventure Travel. Whether guiding travelers up Half Dome, or designing custom itineraries in North America, I am at my best when empowering others to get outside. My professional and recreational pursuits are intended to help bring awareness to the need to preserve wild places and our environment for generations to come.

Josh Barnhart

A Pacific Crest Trail flip-flop thruhiker who wants to share his adventure and the wilderness with others via my writings.

Josh Widdowfield

26 year old backpacker based out of Harper’s ferry West Virginia, the halfway point of the Appalachian trail. After two different LASHs (long ass section hikes) on both the Appalachian trail, and pacific crest trail. I’m ready to start talking about them, and my new journeys. Hiking the Florida trail in 2023

Ju Lee

Hey y'all, my name is Ju! I'm an occupational therapist that will be joining the class of 2023 attempting to thru hike the Appalachian Trail. I'm obsessed with my cats and with road tripping in my Honda CRV. Fun fact: I sleep better in my car than in my california king bed.


A Pacific Northwest transplant who enjoys spending her time in the woods for miles on end.

Julia Varela

Hi I’m Julia! I like dogs, food, and most obviously: hiking. Join me on my journey to being a backpacker.


32 y/o Jewish gal from England currently living in Aotearoa/New Zealand. Michelin trained chef, professional beer pourer, wanderer, dreamer, world traveller. Walking the Pacific Crest Trail in 2022 in search of adventure, mountains and to fall in love with myself.

Justin James

Hey everyone, I'm Justin! When I'm not backpacking you can find me going on painfully long runs, cooking 5-star meals, or daydreaming up my next adventure. Taking a hiatus from work for a while to hike thousands of miles instead. I'm heading SOBO on the AT this summer and can't wait to see what's in store!

Karly Huff

I’ve been section hiking the PCT for the past 5 years and the longest section I’ve done thus far is about 200 miles along the John Muir Trail. I absolutely love backpacking - the sense of accomplishment that comes from doing something physically difficult, the moments of catharsis when you get done climbing to that 12,000 foot pass and the view at the top is both beautiful and earned, the sense of peace that comes with settling into a routine on the trail, and the list goes on. I am excited to get out for a longer adventure on the trail this year! As someone who lives with Multiple Sclerosis, a degenerative neurological condition, longer days on the trail have gotten a bit more difficult these past couple of years. But, gosh darnit, I just love it. So, I’m tossing all my excuses aside and prioritizing spending a couple months on the trail this year. The plan is to hike about 650 miles from Castle Crags in Northern California to Cascade Locke. I won’t be putting down many high mileage days, but I’ll be trucking along out there and I hope you’ll follow along with me. Hey, more time to smell the roses…er, pine needles…right?!

Kate is Kate

I’m an avid hiker, world explorer, nature enthusiast, and an artist by hobby. I spent my childhood summers mostly outdoors - hiking, camping, and swimming in frigid northern lakes. I’ve also traveled across the world from Thailand to Iceland, exploring nature and hiking hundreds of miles across mountains, forests and deserts. In my ‘indoor’ life, I am a marketing executive with a strong passion for strategic planning, data, consumer insights, and analytics. I am a creative problem solver in business and in the outdoors.

Kate Riley

I'm Kate "Big Catt", a backpacker, runner, and writer. If the trail keeps going, I want to see what's next. That's what led me to hike southbound on the Appalachian Trail in 2022. I currently enjoy working for a local running store in Western New York and writing about outdoor recreation. Other adventures include the Foothills Trail, Niagara Falls to Pennsylvania along the Fingerlakes Trail, and the Northville-Placid Trail.

Katie Eckman

I hiked the Appalachian Trail northbound in 2017. I ended that trip with a love for backpacking. PCT 21. 2/3 of CDT 22. Happy Trails!

Katie Frawley

I'm Katie (she/they), and I'm thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail in 2022! After graduating college in the middle of a global pandemic and landing myself a 9-5 job, I quickly learned that I want more out of life than sitting at a desk all day until I retire. Nothing better than a thru-hike to start shaking things up! Outside of hiking, I enjoy running, lifting weights, reading, traveling, and eating good food. I am passionate about coffee, deep conversations, and finding new ways to live unconventionally.

Katie Melsky

Hey everyone! My name is Katie and I'll be hiking the Appalachian Trail NOBO in 2022! I am a hiking, marathon-running, ice skating engineer who loves pretty much any food involving cheese and carbs. Currently, I do most of my hiking in New Hampshire's White Mountains, but I can't wait to see what the rest of the east coast has to offer.

Katie Quinn

Hello! My name is Katie - I was Rainbow on the AT during my 2018 thru-hike. In 2022, I'm embarking on a flip-flop LASH of the PCT, with my dad, Gray Mountaineer (AT class of 2017). It'll definitely be a different kind of thru-hike experience, so stay tuned to find out if we grow tired of each other.

Katie Ribble

Hi there, I’m excited to share my journey with you! My name is Katie. A little about me: I’m an avid traveler and am always looking for my next adventure. I’ve lived in various parts of the eastern United States but spent most of my life in Florida. I’ve always been an active person participating in open water swims, road cycling, triathlons, sailing, rock climbing, and [of course] hiking and backpacking. I’m always looking to improve my trivia knowledge and enjoy learning new things. My love for the outdoors is what lead me to pursue a career in marine and environmental sciences. I can’t wait to see what lessons this experience will teach me. Thanks for following along! Happy hiking!


Hey there! I'm Kelly (she/her) from Pittsburgh, PA. I am attempting to hike the Pacific Crest Trail in 2022. Join me and my nonsense as I prepare to walk from Mexico to Canada.

Kelly Baraga

I love our Lord with all my heart, mind, soul and strength. I find incredible inspiration in this beautifully crafted natural wonderland that we call "the great outdoors." Come join me as I venture out in the latest trek of my life, Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine.

Kelly Graner

What's good trail's folk? My name is Kelly aka Sprout and I love walking places and writing about them! My list of trails is this: Camino de Santiago- the French Way, ~700 miles of the AT, New England Trail, Long Trail, Rachel Carson Trail, Colorado Trail, Wonderland Trail, Timberland Trail, Lost Coast Trail and soon to be the PCT! Follow along on what I know will be a journey that will change my life for the better!

Kelly Groen

A 30-year-old woman from the Netherlands, exchanging being 6 meters below sea level for mountains. I'm crossing the ocean in 2022 to hike the Pacific Crest Trail. I cannot wait to dress in the dirt, lose my body weight in sweat, eat cold-soaked couscous for 6 months straight and hike many kilometers (oops. miles!) a day. Truly! Apart from hiking, I like fries with mayonnaise, dogs, fantasy books, and did I say dogs yet?!

Kelsey Parrish

Hi there, I'm Kelsey! I currently live in Colorado and will be hiking the Pacific Crest Trail! I am starting in April and will be going NOBO. I've hiked, backpacked, and camped a bunch in Colorado over the past few years, but this will be my first thru-hike! I'm really excited to share all the highs and lows with you along the way.

Keri Bowzaylo

Canadian mountain goat ultra runner now embracing the #disconnecttoreconnect of the backpacking/thru hiking world!! Excited to see where this journey takes me including the beautiful spaces, shenanigans, and the cool people I meet along the way!!

Kinsleigh Sawatsky

Hey! My name's Kinsleigh! I'm 25, I'm from Dallas, and I like long walks from Mexico to Canada. In 2020 I hiked the Pacific Crest Trail, and this summer I'm taking on the Continental Divide Trail. Stay tuned for lots of ups and downs, and I don't mean just the mountains...

Laughing Loon

My name is Traci. I lead women's camping trips and adventure getaways as a registered Maine Recreational Guide, own an Airbnb yurt business, and manage several rental properties. I have taught and coached on the collegiate level. I even survived a stint of teaching driver's ed. My résumé is vast and varied, but that doesn't define me. I really just have a passion for loving and laughing with people and meeting challenges. I cherish my husband, Chuck, our adult children and my personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Leslie “Snowy Owl” Woodward

Hey, I'm Leslie, retired minister and AT thru-hiker wannabe. Honestly, thru-hiking was my husband Chris's dream, not mine, until I realized that he was about to set off on a great adventure — without me! So I got my first-ever backpack and, along with our goldendoodle Bodhi, began training for our March 7, 2022 AT thru-hike start. Did I mention that we're both geezers? Well, Bodhi is only 3 but Chris and I are both 65. Follow along on our quest to conquer all 2194.3 miles of the Appalachian Trail! Gulp.


I'm Lily and I'm headed out on the Pacific Crest Trail this season! I'm hoping to experience as many miles as is meteorologically, climactically, physically, and legally possible. I've spent a lot of time hiking on the East Coast and am eager to see what the West Coast throws at me. Happy hiking!

Liz Huninghake

Well hey there, I’m Liz! I’m headed north on the PCT this summer, trekking from Campo, CA in hopes of reaching Canada. Im learning as I go and going as I learn, sharing my adventures and pitfalls along the way.

Lucia Kalkman

Hi, my name is Lucia Kalkman, and am a 2022 NOBO PCT hiker. I am a 20 year old woman from the Netherlands, currently studying Electrical Engineering in Eindhoven. Where my normal life consists of a very full agenda, I look forward to having an empty agenda for 6 months, and to just think about walking, eating and sleeping. I like meeting new people and pushing my boundaries, and I am curious what the PCT will bring me.


Hey it's Wilt! The thru-hiking bug bit me in 2018 when in I completed the Appalachian trail, I also hiked the Tahoe Rim Trail in 2019 and next I am attempting the Pacific Crest Trail in 2022. Tag along on the journey to see how it goes!

Madeleine Shell

I am 27 and live in Maryville, Tennessee. I have a bachelors degree in Social Work from the University of Tennessee Knoxville. I am also a certified TEFL facilitator via International TEFL Academy. I love to read, everything from Little Women to the Lord of the Rings, and I am well versed in 80s music and film. I also fill my time with painting, writing, photography, singing, and hiking. I am the proud mother of a grey tabby cat, a leopard gecko, and a schefflera.

Madeline Gould

Hey, I'm Shady Grove. I'm a jack of some trades and a master of none, but my specialty is organic agriculture. When I'm not weeding or shoveling manure, I like to feed into my adventure problem. I flip-flopped the PCT in 2019, set out to fail but surprised myself and everyone else and somehow set an FKT on the Superior Hiking Trail in 2020, and thru-hiked NOBO on the AT in 2021. Now, I'm about to be triple crowning on the CDT in 2022. I was voted most stubborn and smelliest (even though I wasn't the one who didn't carry toilet paper) by my AT tramily, who also claimed that if I was an animal I'd either be a red panda, a raven, or a "non-aggressive wolf silently padding through snow". If you have ghost, cryptid, or alien stories from hikes you've done PM me on Instagram @shadydoesstuff.

Marc Privitera

Marc Privitera is a vintage backpacker, cyclist, skier/snowboarder, musician and tinkerer. And he’s a pretty good chemical engineer. He can be found skiing and snowboarding most of the winter out west. He spends summers hiking and cycling in different parts of the country. He is known to build crazy stuff like water slides, tree houses and zip lines with all his nephews and nieces back at the Ellisburg, NY 1876 Schoolhouse. That is a story in itself. He likes to play guitar and sing. So, when the request was made by a passing neighbor for him to take his guitar and go play it in the woods, he could not resist. There’s a lot more about this guy you might want to find out. Just head to the AT and listen for some singing. It just might be him. Marc goes by Flat Pick out on the trail.

Maria Llorens

Hi there, I’m Maria Llorens, a.k.a. Sawgrass. I’m from Miami, Florida. Ironically, not many Floridians know about the Florida Trail, so I hope sharing my thru-hike beginning in Nov. 2022 will inspire more folks to explore our beautiful and (admittedly) weird state. Prior to this first thru-hike, I worked in publishing and nonprofit legal work. In the past few years, I took up hiking, film photography, and road tripping primarily in Florida and the southern U.S. You can check out my photos and writing on Instagram @dispatchesfromtheswamp and on my website,

Mark Costello

AT NOBO Leapfrog 2022. Quit my job in the corporate world to chase my dreams living in the woods. Starting late April at Amicalola Falls heading ~600 miles north to Blackburn VA, leapfrogging up to the Mason Dixon line, trekking to Katahdin, and the flipping back down for unfinished Virginia business. Could not do this without the support of my wonderful fiancé and boisterous german shepherd back in Baltimore.


My name is Mary, but you can also call me Newfound. I was born and raised in south Louisiana, but hiking, backpacking, and adventure-seeking has taken me all across (and outside) the country. Years ago, during one of those road trips, I first set foot on the Appalachian Trail at Newfound Gap... and knew that I would thru-hike the trail one day. I'm a photographer and writer, and you can find more of my work at or on Instagram @maryleavines.

Matthew Podolsky

Trail name: Birdman. I'm a documentary filmmaker, podcaster, and former wildlife biologist who has been dreaming about a thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail for almost 20 years. My connection with the AT began in 2003 when I hiked the Northernmost 600 miles of the trail. Since then I've worked as a wildlife biologist on the California condor recovery team in Arizona and Utah, co-founded a non-profit, produced several independent documentaries, helped launch a podcast series called "Earth to Humans", and co-directed a film that won the audience award an Sundance. I have an amazing wife and 8-year-old son who are supporting me on my 2022 AT thru-hike attempt.

Matthew Poole

Hi, I'm Matt but you can call me House! I hiked the PCT in 2018 to try and find myself. I didn’t but found my love for long distance adventures. I cycled the Trans-American Trail in 2020 and am planning a '22 AT thru hike. In between adventures, I am a waiter, introductory sommelier, and binge watch The Office until it's time to leave again.

Matthew Raike

Hey my name is Matt Raike, and I am attempting a NOBO thru hike of the Appalachian Trail in 2022. As a type one diabetic, I look forward to the growth that the trail allows, mentally and physically. I hope to engage in better habits with my condition over the next 6 or so months. It has been a lifelong goal of mine to complete the AT and believe this is my year to do so. Follow me and my journey of highs and lows (blood sugars, emotional, and topographical).


Hello, retired Marine Army Veteran (MAV). Yup, this is how I received my trail name. After hiking the Appalachian Trail in 2014, I just could not think of anything else to do but start a thru hiking career. I began a series of adventures that has taken me to long distance trails throughout the US and Europe. In between long distance trails, I hit the woods in my backyard, Black Hills of South Dakota.

Maya Krieger-DeWitt

Hi! My name is Maya. I am a Cape Cod native and will be thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail NOBO in 2022. I am excited share my journey with you!

Meital Kupfer

I'm Meital (they/she), also known as Namitala, Abooki, Meits, and quite many other names. I've lived in Kampala, Uganda for the past six years but am coming home to the Appalachian Mountains to thru hike in 2023.

Melissa Riordan

Hi All! I'm Melissa, 2022 NOBO PCT hiker. Born and raised at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains, they've been the back drop of my life. My family spent our summers camping and hiking all over Northern California. Imagine spending 7 days tent camping with your parents and little brothers in Modoc & Lassen at 13 years old when all you really wanted to do was hang at the mall and movie theatre with your friends... Those experiences as an ambivalent teenager gave me the confidence as an adult to start hiking and backpacking on my own. In 2019 I hiked the JMT and thought my thru-hiking urge had been sated, but almost as soon as I'd finished I got the itch again. Follow my journey as I trudge toward Canada!

Meredith Horowski

Hi! I'm Mere. My partner (Austin) and I are attempting to NOBO the Appalachian Trail in 2022. We're from Washington DC, we love a good poop story, and we're aiming to share our misadventures on the AT -- the good, the bad, the ugly.

MG Hibionada

AT SOBO 2022. Filipina-American. Born in Chicago, bred in the burbs, Michigan for a hot second, then back to Chicago. Mental healthcare worker, soon-to-be MSW, and aspiring LCSW. Oldest sister to two stellar siblings, daughter to two giving parents, friend to the coolest cats, and partner to my number one fan. I pick up hobbies depending on the season. I'm impulsive; hence my attempt to thru-hike this trail. Let’s see how this goes — I’m just as curious as you are!

Michelle Kloosterman

Hi there! I am Michelle. Avid lover of nature and being outdoors, but my greatest love has to be the ocean! It feels like home to me so you can often find me out in the water surfing and diving. Other important things to know: i LOVE food. And that's an understatement.

Michelle Petix

NOBO 2022! Inspired by my daughters' amazing travels, I set my sights on a GAP year, pun intended with all the Gaps on the trail:) Rocking the Steamboat Colorado ski life and non-profit community work since 1992 and looking forward to an epic foot voyage leading back to my New England roots. Husband, family, and friends make the world go round and this thru-hiker's dreams come true. Miles of Smiles, MP (she, her, hers)

Miia Tsunami

Born and raised in an awkward tiny village in Northern Finland, currently living in Stockholm, Sweden. Besides hiking I love climbing, traveling, drag, weird theme parties and languages, especially Turkish. I work currently as an audiobook publisher but I was given leave for the hike. I am starting my SoBo hike on the Pacific Crest Trail in 2022. This will be my first hike in the USA and only my second visit in the country, so besides a shock for my body I am expecting a cultural shock.

Mike Hanold

My name is Mike, aka Dipper, from Boston, MA and I’m heading my way northbound on the AT. Come see what’s on my mind grapes!

Miranda “Zazz” Turner

Hi Everyone! I'm going to be starting my nobo thru hike of the AT in February 2022, and I'm so excited (Squeee!). During every day life I'm a wildlife biologist, book worm, burrito loving, adventurer. I can't wait to see you out there!

Mountain Goat

Just a mini mountain goat by the name of Sprite, here to goat all over the Triple Crown Trails. I've done some things, and I've seen some stuff. In my brief time frolicking this earth, I have resolved to make it my mission to experience everything I can, and share it with everyone I can. My favorite things are the sweet smell of grass after it rains, and sitting atop a collection of seashells on the beach like Smaug over his mountain of treasure.

Naomi Brown

People who talk about themselves have a boring subject.

NoBo Stoat

2017 AT thru-hiker, still chasing the dream. City born, flat-land raised, mountain refined. Aspiring hillbilly

Olivia Gerstenbacher

Welcome friends! For as long as I've known, I've had a childlike curiosity and pull toward the outdoors. My love for the outdoors led me to studying abroad in New Zealand 2020. I was exposed to a really cool culture of people that shared my same values and passions for nature. After being sent home early due to COVID, I basically used all my quarantine time and thereafter to research the A.T. extensively. I've known for a long time that I would end up doing something like this, and it's been falling into place for some time now. <3 Fun facts about me: I grew up on a Christmas tree farm, I'm vegan, and my goal career is to work as a therapist at a wilderness therapy program! Love cookies, podcasts, and learning about holistic healing. My partner and I are gearing up to take off on our AT NOBO starting March 2022. I can't wait to share our experiences, stories, and photos with you! Thanks for joining along. <3

Pat & Paula

Hi, Y'all! Our names are Pat and Paula, and we plan to hike the Appalachian Trail. We live in a small town in Florida. Not exactly fertile training ground for what has been described by some as a long, cold, rainy, mountainous six-month walk in the woods. That’s okay though because what we lack in experience, we make up for in enthusiasm and tenacity. Like the movie A Walk in the Woods, we are novices at this hiking/camping thing. Our hike may turn out to be more of a Road Runner/Wiley B Coyote cartoon than any hiking how-to or inspirational blog. Regardless, we look forward to sharing the many highs and lows of this adventure with you. Thank you for reading our blog. Until then, happy trails.

Paul Shearman

Hello! I'm Paul Shearman. I will be attempting the Appalachian Trail in 2022 as both a Flip-Flopper and a Hammock camper. Most hikers start in Georgia and go north, and most carry tents. Because of this, I have found very little information on either Hammock camping or doing a Flip, so I hope to add my experiences along the way.

Pinky and The Brain

Appalachian Trail thru hikers, class of 2022. This year we are becoming SOBOs on the Arizona Trail.


Hey y'all, I'm Pippin (she/her)! I'm a thru-hiker, cat mom, ramen bomb enthusiast, climber, and natural resource professional from Louisiana. In 2021, I completed my Appalachian Trail thru-hike that I (barely) began in 2020. I plan to thru-hike the Pacific Crest Trail northbound in 2022. See y'all out there! :)


Howdy, I'm Caitlin / Catie / Pretzel. I snagged that trail name on the Continental Divide Trail 2019. I only hiked a month in Montana but that was long enough to know I would be pursuing a full thru-hike one day. I'm from Corpus Christi, Texas where I didn't spend too much time outside (it's hot!) I actually didn't go camping for the first time until I was… twenty-two! I've been a nanny, a teacher, and a wilderness therapy field guide. Now, I'm walking 2,650 miles to figure out what's next (while also working on remaining present!)

Quinton Peters

NoBo 2022 PCT Thru Hiker from Central Wisconsin. Also known as Sweatsuit on trail. I am an avid conservationist with a passion for bringing attention to and protecting public land. I also make custom hiking posters that can be found on my Etsy store: SweatsuitMaps

Rachel Guerrero

Hi, my name is Rachel! I am a daughter, an older sister, a young student at my home state university, a mom to a black cat named Lola, a lover of nature, wearer of cat socks, admirer of swing dancing, and most importantly, a PCT hiker. I find comfort next to our world’s natural creations or surrounded by those who share my heart. I embrace vulnerability, sensitivity, and honesty in all I do. In the end, if you have the ability to be yourself, you have everything. This being said, I have no idea how to begin such a special task and hope we can figure it out together in our journey. I cannot wait to see how this unfolds.

Rachel Guevara

My name is Rachel (Russell the Wilderness Explorer). I begin my 2022 thru-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail on March 23rd. A San Diego native, I just graduated high school and love all things outdoors, with a particular affinity for rock climbing, alpinism, photography, and backpacking. I consume far too much vegan beef jerky and kombucha on a daily basis.

Rachel McVittie

I’m Rae (trail name Clash!) I’m sometimes a nurse, sometimes a feral thru-hiker. In summer 2022 I dived into the thru-hiking world and spent 5.5 blissful, tough, weird months on the PCT. I caught the trail bug and hiked New Zealand’s Te Araroa in the same season. I've since been living on a queer & vegan animal sanctuary in the mountains, working random seasonal jobs in New Zealand, and processing ALL OF THAT WALKING, whilst of course planning the next. In this sunny corner of the internet you can follow my musings, adventures, and general chaos as I share stories, advice, gossips, and all the tales from the thru-hiking world.

Rachel Shoemaker

Hey y'all, Rachel aka "Dobby" here! I use she/her pronouns and hail from Western NC. I called NH home for a bit as well, which is where my adventures in backpacking began. In 2018, I hiked all the 4,000-footers in the Northeast (NE67) and in 2020, I started hiking the PCT but ended up having to pause that journey for the time being. I joined a friend over on the Colorado Trail instead, which was an excellent decision (would recommend). I returned to the PCT in 2022, and was finally able to fulfill my dream (but probably won't ever stop dreaming about it). I'm in Vermont now, studying at VLGS to become an environmental attorney. When I'm not buried in books or glued to my computer screen, you can find me out on the trails with my furry best friend, Lily. Happy adventuring and thanks for following along! :)


Backpacking was definitely not love-at-first-step for me. With a pack that was way too heavy for my short body, a fear of heights and stream crossings, and no innate sense of direction, I struggled a lot on my first few trips. But a decade into my backpacking adventures, I also know that backpacking is one of the few places I feel truly at ease with myself. I've spent years backpacking through the Sierra, a month on the Colorado Trail, and 3 months meandering around the South Island of New Zealand. This year, I'm quitting my job as a human rights advocate to hike the Pacific Crest Trail. I'm hoping to approach each day with something like gratitude. Connect with me on Instagram at

Red Squirrel

I'm a hiker linguist nerd taking some time to do the AT before my knees get too old. I love to forage and learn the landscape wherever I am. When I'm not on the trail I work with Indigenous languages, and I'll be moving to Portland with my wife once I'm done the trail.

Rolf Asphaug

Hi; I'm Rolf (it's Norwegian). I'm a volunteer trail patroller for several state and local Colorado parks, and I love hiking and backpacking. After a 34-year hiatus I've resumed long-distance backpacking in my retirement years. I was the guest on episode 134 of the Backpacker Radio Podcast. I'm a past president of the Colorado Mountain Club and founding board member of the Colorado Fourteeners Initiative. My trail name is Kinnikinnick ... because like the plant I cover ground slowly.

Sandy Griffith

I am a Pacific Crest Trail thru-hiker starting in April 2022. When not on the trail, I am a biostatistician working in cancer research and kundalini yoga teacher. I split my time between upstate New York and Hawaii.

Scott Farley

An avid hiker that loves to escape the world and run into nature. I am also an 8 year Marine Combat Veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Scott Morrison

Hiking the Appalachian Trail will fulfill a lifelong dream for me. I had the good fortune of enjoying New Hampshire's White Mountains as a summer playground for many years as a youngster -- a critical element in growing into future roles as student, son, hiker, skier, college grad, military officer, husband, systems analyst, father, and leader. I don't often let my mind drift to beta mode. I prefer active mental activities such as analytical problem solving, reading, poker, alternative music, fantasy sports, the stock market, craft beer, and puzzles of any type. Like everyone else, I'm constantly attempting to balance the life scales of mental, physical, and spiritual me -- but I'll try to do it with a laugh and a smile, OK?


Sibley "Possibly" Brown. Itinerant teacher, thru-hiker, and wilderness guide. AT NOBO 2018. PCT NOBO 2022?

Sierra Peters-Buckland

Hello folks! Sierra (yep, after the Sierra Nevadas) here, born and bred in Scotland but lucky owner of an American passport too. I’ve spent the last 5 years living and working in New Zealand, Australia, America and Scotland. My girlfriend (Ness) and I completed a road trip of a life time in our van last year seeing 50 of 51 national parks in mainland America. The next grand adventure is the PCT northbound starting April 12th.


Kendra "Skunkbear" Allenby is a professional cartoonist for the New Yorker, the Red Cross and many other magazines and organizations as well as a food-scarfing, sketchbook-filling piece of hiker trash. She teaches cartooning and travel drawing and has thru hiked the PCT, CDT, CT, TRT and the Camino de Santiago (Camino Frances) and thru biked across the US (southern tier) - each time drawing the whole way. She’s currently on the Pacific Northwest Trail.


I'm David and this is me attempting a NOBO PCT jaunt. I'm out here because I don't want to work and you can't make me go back. I like hiking because no one gets mad at you for being smelly, day drinking and peeing off the side of tall places. Quite possibly, I'm just a raccoon in a decent skin suit.


Hi, I'm Sofia (she/her) and after hiking 500ish miles of the UK in 2020 and 2021, I've decided it's time to jet off to (hopefully) less rainy terrain. I'll be hiking the PCT NOBO in 2022 and can't wait to share my trials and tribulations on here. Stay tuned to find out how many desert sunsets make me cry along the way.

Sonic Boom

SEA based, hiking the AT from Georgia to Maine.

Taylor King : Slaughterhouse

Hello! I live for coffee, hiking, and cuddles with my cat! I am a full-time veterinary student, but I have an adventurous side, too. Thruhiking the Pacific Crest Trail was an amazing experience, and I can't wait to do more!

Tin Man

"Walks of Life"......Aloha, I'm a US Army retiree and 2 x cancer survivor. At age 8 my Mom took me to this place called Harper's Ferry. Part of that magical weekend involved discovering this thing called the Appalachian Trail. When told it went from ME to GA and one can actually walk the whole thing, it blew up my little mind. Ever since it's been a bucket list item. Have done numerous section hikes on the AT & PCT over the years, but life circumstances finally allow for an AT through hike (SOBO start in Jun). This is also the "ultimate rehab validation" (total hip replacement, impromptu, lol, in 2020 due to a mountain bike crash, planned total knee replacement in 21). Hence the moniker, "Tin Man." That said, guess I need a heart now. Last but not least, it's an opportunity to give back. I'm representing the Teressa Rosalind French Foundation. Teressa was a loving, vibrant young lady who was taken from this earth unexpectantly at age 16. The Foundation provides scholarships and grants to young students wishing to meet their educational and spiritual goals. It's my aim to first, repmember Teressa (take her spirit on the trail), then spread awareness of the wonderful opportunities the Foundation makes available to students. If interested in helping the Foundation meet it's goals, please go to the website: ALL gifts/donations go towards grants and scholarships. I'm fortunate and blessed to have this unique opportunity to "pack it all in" for 5-6 months. Excited to get back on the trail, see and experience so much (yes, including "hiccups" along the way, lol) and for the opportunity to meet so many interesting people from so many "walks" of life. Everyday is a blessing.


We are hikers! My name is Marty, or Trunks, and I am one part of a two-part hiking couple. Brianna and I are SOBO hiking the PCT in 2022 after completing a thru-hike of the Ice Age Trail in 2021, and section hikes of the Manistee & Northern UP NCT areas in 2020. Born and raised in Michigan, I enjoy freshwater fishing and farming when we are not out on the trail. I am an Air Force veteran turned public servant who also winters as a high school wrestling coach. More than anything else, you’ll find me to be a passionate writer who tries not to let the truth get in the way of a good story.

Tyler Garwood

My name is Tyler Garwood and I am hiking the Great Divide Trail (GDT) of Canada with my partner during the summer of 2022. I have been interested in thru-hiking from the day I learned about the PCT at the age of 15, now at 28 I am finally on my way to materializing the dream. I love all aspects outdoors and have been a guide, firefighter, and botanist as my professions. For fun, I like to read, run, climb, fly fish, cook, mountain bike, backpack, and just about any activity that gets me moving outside.


My name is Victor, and I've wanted to hike the Appalachian Trail since I was a Boy Scout some 50 years ago. Growing up in Delaware meant that the AT passed nearby in Pennsylvania, and our troop organized annual week-long hikes on the AT in the summer. These hikes were always great adventures, and I dreamed of hiking the whole Trail sometime. During high school I organized spring-break hikes with my friends along the AT in Shenandoah National Park and the Great Smokies. In college I organized a hike with our dorm. In later years I hiked sections of the AT in almost all of the states that it passes through with family and friends. But I never had the time to hike the whole AT all at once. Starting as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Paraguay, where I worked as a National Parks Specialist, I made a career as an environmental specialist, mostly in Latin America and the Caribbean. But now that I'm retired, and more or less healthy, I'm at last doing a flip-flop AT thru-hike: northbound from Springer Mountain, GA, to Harpers Ferry, WV; and then southbound Katahdin, ME, back to Harpers Ferry. My wife Brooke will cherry pick section hikes with me. Aside from hiking I love to bike, garden, birdwatch, x-country ski, cook and play classical guitar.

Victoria Amico

Hello there! I'm Victoria (she/her) and I'm hiking the Pacific Crest Trail in 2022 (cue screaming!)! What do I even say about myself? I'm from New England, but Colorado has my heart (I'm moving back first chance I get). I found hiking at a time in my life when I felt stuck and unchallenged and, well... it ruined my life in the best way possible. I'm finally following my dream of starting the PCT and chasing the life I want. Buckle up, kids... we're in for a wild ride!


Hello all. My name is Wanderer, aka Jeb. I grew up in a military family and travelled the world as a kid. I am a father, husband, U.S Army Infantry Combat Veteran and an avid outdoorsman. Hiking has provided an avenue of healing for me that I have been unable to find elsewhere. I thru-hiked the Pinhoti trail in 2016 and I did a flip flop thru-hike of Appalachian Trail in 2020. Benton Mackaye Trail Feb. 2021, PCT 2021, and currently 230 miles into a Southbound thru hike of the CDT

Wesley Black

Trail Name: Yeti Legs // I'm 35 living in Colorado with my wife Marie (aka Basecamp). Originally from the deep south, we had our honeymoon in Colorado and realized we need to live here, so we made it happen! We started and completed a continuous thru-hike of the PCT in 2022 despite fires. We were extremely lucky and most certainly realize that. It was truly a wonderful, terrible, beautiful, and completely life-changing experience. Looking forward to sharing all of our travels and experiences with you after the fact and sharing upcoming hikes on the CT (2023) with you! // Follow our socials + YouTube vids:

Whitney MacIntyre

Whitney (she/her) is a lifelong outdoorist currently enjoying the world from luxury accommodations provided by her 2013 Honda Pilot. When she's not wandering the mountains on foot, she's moving downriver via whitewater kayak. AZT NOBO '22.

Willy "Catchup"

Hey there! My name's Willy. I grew up hiking in the Shenandoah's and always dreamed of attempting an AT thru-hike. After 5 years of hating my corporate job and with my 30th birthday fast approaching (quarter-life crisis, anyone?) I'm finally doing the damn thing - quit my job, moved out of CA, and am coming home to the welcoming bosom of the Appalachians. I'm blogging with the goal of one day supporting myself as a writer. Subscribe to follow along as I walk, and walk, and then walk some more!


Born in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada and raised in the PCT trail town of Lake Arrowhead. Now exploring Blue Ridge Mountains from Greenville, South Carolina. A connoisseur of winter ascents, snowshoeing and the National Parks; I have been to 37 of the 63 National Parks!!

Zach Maxon

Hi, my name is Zach Maxon! I'm an Ozark Highlands Trail thru-hiker. I'm a freelance writer for a living, and have been planning to thru-hike for years at this point. This year, I'm finally taking the plunge. Looking forward to a month with as few showers as possible.

Zachary Gordon

Once restaurant professional, now REI sales expert, soon to be AT NOBO thru-hiker. Neurodivergent with ADHD, OCD and depression. Follow my blog as I share how I've flipped my life upside down to follow a 10 year dream. You can probably expect some laughs, raw emotion, and to learn a little about how a hiker with mental disabilities gets along the biggest challenge they've faced. Some bonus content possibilities: review of all Knorr's/Idahoan sides, "what does Hiker Trash smell like?", and how to not fret about gear while still also fretting about gear.

Zoe Morelli

Hello, I am Wolf at least that’s what they call me on the trail. Probably because I am a stealth 6'1", 36-inch chest, 14-inch biceps, 28-inch waist. A veritable trail GOD... Ha-ha, I WISH. OKAY, I would love to think my trail name will be assigned because I am totally one with nature and possess killer instincts but if my trail name were Wolf, it would be because I always have a bunch of pups in tow. All right, so I exaggerate some. But really, who’s told the complete truth about themselves since “they” invented cybersex? If I did have a trail name it would most likely be “Unknown Purpose” or “Identity wanted.” I am probably not the person you might expect to see on the trail. I am a very plus size, coming in at 150 pounds over my ideal body weight, 50+-year-old grandmother. I worked 25 years in the medical field and just recently retired. If you think the trail is intense, check out a day in a busy ER. I don’t let my weight, age, or really anything else determine what I can or cannot do. If I set my mind to it, I know anything is possible. I am a binge hiker. Well really, I don’t even know what that means. I suppose what I am trying to say is that I get into hiking and hike the hell out of life until I get distracted…. Then (*insert crickets chirping*) I have always wanted to complete the triple crown of backpacking. It’s a dream and honestly most of the time I eventually end up doing what I set out to do. Unfortunately, I still have young children, a home and a husband, and thru-hiking just isn’t a viable option for me at this point in my life. On the flip side, section hiking the A.T. is totally doable. So, with that said…. Drum roll …. 2022 is when the adventure begins! Fingers crossed for an uber-cool trail name! I’ll see you on the A.T.!!!

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